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[Archive] WoE:SE Registered Guilds

This announcement is no longer active


War of Emperium: Second Edition // Horn Castle, Valfreya Realm // 21 May 2017, 9:00 - 11:00 Server Time


List of Registered Guilds


It's Pot Time1111

  • Guild Leader: Garou1111
  • 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Available]

Another Random Guild

  • Guild Leader: [Streamer] Treant
  • 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Available]



NOTICE: Fresh Guilds, as well as Guest Guilds are to be registered for War of Emperium: Second Edition provided that they meet the required number of 15 WoEing players to enter the Castle. Maximum guild capacity is 24 Members. We will be keeping tab of Guilds who would register and claim Supplies and Rental Gears and not actually participate. The registration for WoE:SE and registration for WoE Guild Supply Bundle and WoE Gear Rental Boxes are two separate things, and we reserve the right to withhold the boxes as sanction for Guilds who will register and not participate. Punishment for Guilds caught to be abusing the System will be two (2) weeks ban from claiming any Guild Supplies. Let's keep it fair for everyone.


Updated 15 April 2017 by @Winter

IMPORTANT: I mentioned that the requirement for a Guild to participate in War of Emperium: Second Edition is to have at least a minimum of 15 WoEing players to be able to enter the Castle and the requirement is not limited to the said condition only. Participating WoE:SE Guilds need to have a simple core structure to GvG effectively.



2x FS Professors

1x DLP Professor

1x DD High Wizard

1x SPP Creator

1x DD Creator

1x High Priest

2x Paladin

1x Clown

1x Soul Linker

1x Gypsy

1x DD Sniper

1x FS MBK Professor


I do not intend to have a discussion about how class line-ups should be made. This list is a bare minimum for a Modern War of Emperium: Second Edition meta and is a given requirement to participate for WoE:SE. Guilds who cannot produce a proper roster, only with the intention to have "fun" in a very disorderly manner is encouraged to join WoE:FE instead since it's unrestricted. I don't want to alienate some guilds, but it takes a lot of time to plan, organize and prepare for SE and I would like to give due credit to those Guilds who do so.


Thank you!