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  4. Server Downtime

    Good day Atlas Adventurers, I apologize for the lack of communication with regard to the current "shut down" status of the server, but we haven't shut down. Our host encountered a problem which was immediately fixed, but I decided not to put the server back on so as to push a maintenance. This said maintenance will be a lengthy one hence, the server downtime is TBA. Please wait for an official announcement once the server is back up and running. Again, server downtime is TBA. Thank you!
  5. S> MvP Cards @quit I accept only offers on Zenys.

    does assassin cross available and gr?
  6. B>> +9 ufo poring hat[1]

    Still buying?
  7. 3rd weng

    comment ka d2
  8. Happiness is all the time we spent together. :popie3:

    1. eroll385


      does the server closed?cant log in

  9. Ник Bosssss или вы свой,вдруг я ошибся s.Должно быть 5 штук вроде.

    Hi, I know this sounds weird, but let's be realistic, no one go to pvp anymore and there only several players online everyday (not including vending merchants). I see a flock of 5-15 people everyday at Prontera just sitting, chatting, and playing duels with one another just to kill time and those are pretty much the same set of people everyday; the kind of people who love Atlas and feel really hard to leave the server even though its not crowded anymore. So, given that there's nothing to lose either, I'd suggest to spark up the fun by making Prontera city a PVP town by default! But hey, what about new players? So they're prone to attacks the moment they enter Prontera? I'd suggest that auto pvp mode in Prontera is activated only to specific levels (example: trans job, 95+). And for players who don't want to engage in battles can be given a new command to be excluded from the pvp mode, but the automatic pvp zone in prontera is the default setting when someone lands at Prontera. I mean make this at least temporary until let's say Atlas RO becomes crowded once again (I pray that day will come, I love this server so much!) Pros: Adds fun to bored players so they can chill, talk, and sometimes spank some asses ;) Cons: It's counterintuitive and will kill the (already dead) pvp zone.
  11. Count from 1 to 10000000000000000000000

    yesterday was June 24.
  12. Describe the person above you...

  13. I came without being consulted and I leave without my consent. 

  14. [Information] Spring Event

    FAQs and other info : you can use @npc spring for instant teleport to the NPCs. Hnggg's Farm access Farm Key is tradable but will not grant you access. You still need to give the requirements if you wish to enter another character. Fabres and Watermelons only receives 1 damage. Update : Petals required reduced to x300 pcs
  15. Fresh from oven
  16. [Information] Spring Event

    Spring Carnival Event Location: amatsu,261,200 Requirements: You can acquire Broom by exchanging 500 pieces of War Badges to Bomul. Cleaning Spot: Once you have brooms for cleaning, talk to Bomul and pay him 10,000z for him to give you the location of the spot to clean. Be careful as there are some live firecrackers left in the spot that might explode while you are cleaning! Possible items you can get while cleaning: Dead Branch Universal Taming Gift Random Quiver I Love You Firecracker Empty Bottle Worn Cloth Piece Broken Liquor Jar Dry Sand Crushed Can Cherry Blossom Petal Bubblegum Old Paper 300 Cherry Blossom Petals Starts quest of finding 300x Cherry Blossom Petals in exchange for a Mono no Aware [MVP Map Key] Upon Completion: Hanami unlocks 9 MVP Maps. Mono no Aware should be on player's inventory. Information: This new MVP is tameable by Universal Taming Gift Race: Demon Property: Fire Food: Illusion Flower MVP Drops Yggdrasil Berry 55% Elemental Crown 20% Plant Pot 5% Normal Drops Soft Silk 90% Old Blue Box 50% Enriched Oridecon 30% Atlas Token 2% Elemental Sword 1% Donation Ticket 3% Respawn: Every 12 hours
  17. [Information] Spring Event

    Harvesting Season Event: Halp Hnggg Harvest! Location: amatsu,265,199 Hnggg is a young farmer who owns a huge chunk of land he can't manage on his own. Every harvesting season, he ask adventurers to help him harvest his fruit crops and kill all pests that tries to ruin his land. The only problem is, Hnggg is very nit-picky when it comes to letting people inside his property's premises since it floats over a mystic ocean. Adventurers who are willing to take his challenge will be given access to his farm and obtain items in return for their help. Are you up for it? Unlock Map Quest: Talk to Hnggg to unlock his Farm. He will ask for the following items to know if you have the patience to harvest and take care of his land. Once you complete the quest, you will be given a Key that you will be needing to enter the Farm. Please note that if you lose the key, you're going to have to retake the quest again. Quest Items: 1000x War Badge 100x Fluff 100x Clover 100x Feather 100x Jellopy 5x Four Leaf Clover To Enter the Farm: Once you have the golden key, talk to Hnggg and you will be transported to his farm. In the Farm: All you have to do is harvest all the watermelons around. With every watermelon you pick, you get a chance to loot items which you can use to retrieve items from Hnggg's trusted caretaker. Exterminate as much fabre as you can and gather the items they drop which can be useful for you as well! Rewards:
  18. B>> +9 ufo poring hat[1]

    sell that item to me please!!
  19. [In-Game] Find The Lost Hrist

    Thank you brave warriors for helping me! 1st - Meet me 2nd - Totally not rovince 3rd- IhaveAname 4th - Kevin Curry 5th - Not GM Friend here
  20. B>> +9 ufo poring hat[1]

    Hi @jhames04 Global Forum Rule: "Bumping of topics more than once within 24 hours is prohibited." C:
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    Twenty Three veintitrés dalawampu't tatlo vingt trois drieëntwintig viginti tres dwadzieścia trzy
  22. B>> +9 ufo poring hat[1]

  23. B>> +9 ufo poring hat[1]

  24. Good Day ATLAS! 

    Check out this EVENT in-game later at 8pm ( server time )

  25. B>> +9 ufo poring hat[1]

    who's selling that item pleasee ???
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