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      [Archive] 02/04/2017 WoE:SE Registered Guilds   03/26/2017

      War of Emperium: Second Edition // ____ Castle, ___ Realm // 02 April 2017, 9:00 - 11:00 Server Time   List of Registered Guilds SMD Guild Leader: Not King 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Withheld] RedFace Guild Leader: DIRTY CUNT SHAKES BOOTY 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Withheld] Playtime Guild Leader: Extraordinary 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Withheld] Another Random Guild Guild Leader: Treant 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Withheld] NapTime Guild Leader: Gyss 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Withheld]     NOTICE: Fresh Guilds, as well as Guest Guilds are to be registered for War of Emperium: Second Edition provided that they meet the required number of 15 WoEing players to enter the Castle. Maximum guild capacity is 24 Members. We will be keeping tab of Guilds who would register and claim Supplies and Rental Gears and not actually participate. The registration for WoE:SE and registration for WoE Guild Supply Bundle and WoE Gear Rental Boxes are two separate things, and we reserve the right to withhold the boxes as sanction for Guilds who will register and not participate. Punishment for Guilds caught to be abusing the System will be one month ban from claiming any Guild Supplies. Let's keep it fair for everyone.
    • Winter

      [Server-Wide Event] Atlas SunScream 2017   03/06/2017

      It's more FUN in the SUN! Of course, it always is!~ We at Atlas Ragnarok Online welcomes the heat of the Summer with a bang! With lazy and hazy days to come, we invite everyone to take the time and breathe in the fresh air. Emerald-green fields, sapphire-blue ocean waves, sun-kissed golden skin.. Can things get even better than this?      Atlas Ragnarok Online is yet again introducing a month-long event to welcome Summer!~ A long list of monsters will give you certain items that you will need to prepare a sumptuous feast. .. and from there, your Summer adventure starts! Enjoy and have fun everyone!     We have enabled Summer Fishing for several entertaining purposes! Exclusive prizes are binded to this activity, as well as for the prerequisites that are needed for it. Prepare to tug on your fishing rods, and see what you can catch today!             SunScream Festival will allow the Community to make the most out of Summer! Let us help our Special Guest Chef, Gordon, to cook up delicacies for the Summer Solstice in Comodo. If you can gather all the ingredients he needs, you will definitely be rewarded with a prize fit for a Gourmet!     We have prepared Summer-exclusive Headgears that is sure to brighten up anyone's day. Moreover, a new set of custom Pets that can accompany you through the Summers's heat is now at hand! So, start sweating 'cause these items are only available for the Month of Summer March!~         Atlas SunScream 2017 ends on, Saturday, 8 April 2017 @ 11:59 Server Time  (@time).
    • Winter

      [Server-Wide Event] Search for the Atlas Pearl   03/06/2017

      There was once a Lost City, a fair maiden's abode.. No one has seen her for so long, her whereabouts unknown.. But once in a blue moon, her angelic voice can be heard.. Is she really lost? Or just waiting to be searched.            In welcoming the Summer Season, we bring you another month-long server-wide event, Search for the Atlas Pearl: Sink or Swim Edition! You are in for a surprise as we have added a new custom mob, The Queen of the Lost City, Evian the Mermaid! Sink or swim with her, you'll be getting the best of both her worlds whatever it is you choose!             You can opt to slay the Queen Mermaid Evian if you're fortunate enough to encounter her while doing summer-y things around Midgart. The custom mob Evian is tagged as an MVP Monster, hence upon killing it, you will be rewarded with a list of precious items. You will get the Seraph Wing Helm as an exclusive prize which is only available through this 2017 Summer Festival Event.   Please note that the Seraph Wing Helm needs to be identified by a Magnifier before it can be equipped.     Evian, Queen to the Lost City is a royalty that's hard to please, but with luck and patience, you will be able to tame her down. You can use a Universal Taming Gift from our Kafra Shop or from Staff-Held Events. If you're successful, you'll get an Evian Egg. The Evian Egg can be hatched using an Incubator and can be fed it with Yggdrasil Berry.         
    • Winter

      [FB Event] AtlasRO Razer Giveaway   02/04/2017

      Atlas Ragnarok Online has been live for more than three months and we can't be thankful enough for everyone's support! Within that span of time, we have received love and it is time to give that love back to our Atlas Community! As we thank the whole nine yards and to further boost and expand our Server's populace, we are now holding a FACEBOOK: LIKE AND SHARE EVENT!    Want to win exciting prizes? Do you want to take part in our Raffle Promo? Joining in is a cakewalk; here are the steps you need to follow and you'll be on your way to qualify and win amazing prizes from Atlas Ragnarok Online! We also have consolation prizes that the entire Community will definitely appreciate. Are you ready for this?   1.) LIKE our Official Facebook Page: Atlas Ragnarok Online [ https://www.facebook.com/playragna/ ]     2.) LIKE the Pinned Post [ https://web.facebook.com/playragna/posts/761313447364674 ]   3.) SHARE the Pinned Post and have the following things included in your Share Post: Input the In-Game Name of the Character you are using in playing Atlas Ragnarok Online. Your In-Game Name will serve as your Raffle Entry for this Event. At the end of your post, it is a MUST to include the following links: http://panel.atlas-ro.com/ http://atlas-ro.com/forum/ http://wiki.atlas-ro.com/ https://www.facebook.com/playragna/   4.) COMMENT directly on the Facebook Pinned Post that we have provided so we can check your Raffle Entry.     Please carefully read our Facebook: Like & Share // Atlas-RO Razer Giveaway Raffle Mechanics and follow them to qualify for our exciting Prizes!   Facebook: Like & Share Shared Posts should be set to Public, so we can check and verify their authenticity. No dummy accounts will be allowed. We have a Team of FB Moderators to check every single entry. Non-compliance to any of the conditions stated above, as well as the given instructions will void your entry. Atlas-RO Razer Giveaway  The Promo Event runs from February 6, 2017 until March 24, 2017. For new players, you can register an In-Game Account through our Website: [ http://panel.atlas-ro.com/ ] Everyone is eligible to join provided that they have an In-Game Account and a legit Character (a Novice is NOT allowed) in Atlas Ragnarok Online. Participants should Like, Share and Comment in order to gain a Raffle Entry; Players who donated between 6th of February to 24th of March will receive a Raffle Entry as well: Like, Share and Comment: 1 Raffle Entry AtlasRO Donation: 1 Raffle Entry $1 Donation = 1 Raffle Entry Important Notice No participant can win a Major and Consolation Prize at the same. All Winners will be notified via Facebook, Atlas Community Boards and In-Game by an Atlas Representative. Winners of Razer Gadgets will have their items shipped to their respective addresses. Shipping duration will vary as per every winner's location. Winners of Cash Points and In-Game Headgears will receive their prizes within 48 hours. Items will be sent by a member of the Administration Team. Lastly, Atlas Ragnarok Online Staff members are not eligible to join this Promotion.     With your all-out support, we're also going all-out with the prizes we're giving away for the best gaming experience of our Grand Winners!   Razer - For Gamers. By Gamers. [Major Prizes for February 6 - March 24 Facebook Post Duration]   Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse [Grand Prize for February 6 - February 24 Facebook Post Duration] Draw Date and Announcement: February 24 [END]   Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard [Grand Prize for February 25 - March 9 Facebook Post Duration] Draw Date and Announcement: March 9   Razer Kraken Music and Gaming Headset [Grand Prize for March 10 - March 24 Facebook Post Duration] Draw Date and Announcement: March 24   Razer Mantis Speed Gaming Mouse Mat [2x Giveaway Prizes for February 6 - March 24 Facebook Post Duration] Draw Date and Announcement: February 24, March 9 and March 24       We're also including CONSOLATION PRIZES in every draw that can be enjoyed in-game by selected people who will be lucky enough to win!          Please refer to this link for AtlasRO Razer Giveaway Event's current status! Thank you so much!         
    Please observe proper etiquette at all times. We implement a strict ENGLISH ONLY POLICY over our Chatbox. Thank you!
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