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    • Winter

      [FB Event] AtlasRO Razer Giveaway   02/05/2017

      Atlas Ragnarok Online has been live for more than three months and we can't be thankful enough for everyone's support! Within that span of time, we have received love and it is time to give that love back to our Atlas Community! As we thank the whole nine yards and to further boost and expand our Server's populace, we are now holding a FACEBOOK: LIKE AND SHARE EVENT!    Want to win exciting prizes? Do you want to take part in our Raffle Promo? Joining in is a cakewalk; here are the steps you need to follow and you'll be on your way to qualify and win amazing prizes from Atlas Ragnarok Online! We also have consolation prizes that the entire Community will definitely appreciate. Are you ready for this?   1.) LIKE our Official Facebook Page: Atlas Ragnarok Online [ https://www.facebook.com/playragna/ ]     2.) LIKE the Pinned Post [ https://web.facebook.com/playragna/posts/750328238463195 ]   3.) SHARE the Pinned Post and have the following things included in your Share Post: Input the In-Game Name of the Character you are using in playing Atlas Ragnarok Online. Your In-Game Name will serve as your Raffle Entry for this Event. At the end of your post, it is a MUST to include the following links: http://panel.atlas-ro.com/ http://atlas-ro.com/forum/ http://wiki.atlas-ro.com/ https://www.facebook.com/playragna/   4.) COMMENT directly on the Facebook Pinned Post that we have provided so we can check your Raffle Entry.     Please carefully read our Facebook: Like & Share // Atlas-RO Razer Giveaway Raffle Mechanics and follow them to qualify for our exciting Prizes!   Facebook: Like & Share Shared Posts should be set to Public, so we can check and verify their authenticity. No dummy accounts will be allowed. We have a Team of FB Moderators to check every single entry. Non-compliance to any of the conditions stated above, as well as the given instructions will void your entry. Atlas-RO Razer Giveaway  The Promo Event runs from February 6, 2017 until March 21, 2017. For new players, you can register an In-Game Account through our Website: [ http://panel.atlas-ro.com/ ] Everyone is eligible to join provided that they have an In-Game Account and a legit Character (a Novice is NOT allowed) in Atlas Ragnarok Online. Participants should Like, Share and Comment in order to gain a Raffle Entry; Players who donated between 6th of February to 21st of March will receive a Raffle Entry as well: Like, Share and Comment: 1 Raffle Entry AtlasRO Donation: 1 Raffle Entry $1 Donation = 1 Raffle Entry Important Notice No participant can win a Major and Consolation Prize at the same. All Winners will be notified via Facebook, Atlas Community Boards and In-Game by an Atlas Representative. Winners of Razer Gadgets will have their items shipped to their respective addresses. Shipping duration will vary as per every winner's location. Winners of Cash Points and In-Game Headgears will receive their prizes within 48 hours. Items will be sent by a member of the Administration Team. Lastly, Atlas Ragnarok Online Staff members are not eligible to join this Promotion.     With your all-out support, we're also going all-out with the prizes we're giving away for the best gaming experience of our Grand Winners!   Razer - For Gamers. By Gamers. [Major Prizes for February 6 - March 21 Facebook Post Duration]   Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse [Grand Prize for February 6 - February 21 Facebook Post Duration] Draw Date and Announcement: February 24   Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard [Grand Prize for February 22 - March 6 Facebook Post Duration] Draw Date and Announcement: March 9   Razer Kraken Music and Gaming Headset [Grand Prize for March 7 - March 21 Facebook Post Duration] Draw Date and Announcement: March 24   Razer Mantis Speed Gaming Mouse Mat [2x Giveaway Prizes for February 6 - March 21 Facebook Post Duration] Draw Date and Announcement: February 21, March 6 and March 21     We're also including CONSOLATION PRIZES in every draw that can be enjoyed in-game by selected people who will be lucky enough to win!        We will be having three (3) Draw Dates, all of which are going to be drawn for everyone to see via Atlas Ragnarok Online's Facebook Live.
    • Winter

      [Server-Wide Event] Atlas Lovapalooza 2017   02/05/2017

      As the old saying goes, Home is where the Heart is.. Atlas Ragnarok Online has opened its heart to everyone and we've been a home for all of you. Now is that special time of the year again to feel the butterflies in your stomach, like a little gumdrop wrapped in the warmth of sunshine..      Atlas Ragnarok Online will be celebrating a month-long event especially dedicated for Valentine's! A few selected mobs will be dropping Atlas Beans and Atlas Rose randomly. The said items can be exchanged for exciting prizes that everyone will surely enjoy!~       Lovapalooza Celebration will let the Community enjoy the Love Month to its fullest! Our Valentine's Shop Keeper, Gajeel, will grant you with limited AtlasRO items available for this event ONLY. Just exchange the certain amount of Valentine's Loots being asked and you're good to go.       We are offering exclusive Valentine's-related Headgears for all the Kawaii Junkies out there! Also, we have a selection of new custom pets looking for a home full of cuddles this month of Luuurv~ Yas! Everything is available in our Valentine's Shop.. So whatcha' waitin' for?    
    • Winter

      [Server-Wide Event] Flying Heartring Hunt   02/05/2017

      Roses are red,  Violets are blue.. Heartrings are flying, Run after them, Bruh!~       Atlas Ragnarok Online is yet again adding an exclusive server-wide event as part of our month-long Valentine's Celebration! The Atlas Community is in for a treat and we'll have everyone be on their toes as we release a custom mob that is surely to capture everyone's heart.. give it up for the FLYING HEARTRING!             We have scattered five (5) Flying Heartrings in five (5) different maps in Rune-Midgarts, which can either be tamed or killed.           You can find the Flying Heartring on maps where Porings spawns the most number. Kindly check the map list above.           The Flying Heartring respawns every 12 hours. The respawn time will vary once each kill or tame has been made.        The Flying Heartring is a custom mob that can be tamed, similar to Atlas' MVP Custom Pets. If you come across one, simply use a Universal Taming Gift which is available from the Kafra Shop. The Flying Heartring Pet can be hatched by using a Pet Incubator and can be with fed with Guarana Candy from the BG Shop and Guarana Candy Quest.         Another option you can choose is to kill the Flying Heartring custom mob. Killing it would give you a chance to get an exclusive headgear, a Hearting Balloon (Lower HG) which is only available through this 2017 Valentine's Celebration Event. What are you waiting for? If you're planning on killing it, you better take an entire party with you. *hint hint*          

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  2. How do I choose between my head and heart?

  3. +1🔥🔥🔥
  4. +10000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE HEADGEAAARRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I suggest adding boxes that give random headgears that we can buy via BG badges. They could cost around 100/200/300 or something badges per box. You can have different tiers if you'd like or not w/e. This could serve as a badge sink or something or w/e too. I know that we have the Claw Machine game but a lot of the headgears it gives are so UGLY. A lot of them are shit and worthless now. Claw game was added to encourage people to BG for badges, but there hasn't been any development or improvements or additions w/e to it. Face it, BG is deteriorating. Maybe this'll make people BG again? It's getting kinda boring. *And ofc, don't include the HGs you can get via other boxes, official RO quest headgears and monster head gear drops. -___- Or just add more to claw machine game thing? MORE QT HEADGEARS PLZ Pros: More headgears, more reason for people to BG, more shit to do. Cons: Idk? Feel free to point 'em out.
  6. Hey Folks, I wanted to do some research about your preferences... so help me and submit your vote to the poll Some references to Ragnarok Mobile Online graphics:
  7. Hi! viele Leute aus Germania sind nun in der "I am"-Gilde, diese könnt ihr in @go 48 antreffen.
  8. No, sorry.
  9. Do you consider yourself a Vampire?


    You know.


    Because you suck. /heh 

  10. +1 Its reduce lag. U can do it with packetfilter also. Remove spp/kaupe kaite effect
  11. Yesterday
  12. +1000000000000000
  13. IGN : Jon Bones Jones 1st entry - You must be a hell of a thief , Because YOU STOLE MY HEART FROM ACROSS the room. 2nd entry - Will you be my girlfrien? I left out the 'D' cause you'll get that later ! 3rd entry - You know the more i drink, The prettier you get!
  14. +1 i would like it so much
  15. IGN: Europe 1st Entry: If I'd rate you from 1 to 10, you're definitely a 9. Why? Coz I'm the 1 you need. 2nd Entry: Your parents must be good bakers. Why? Coz they made such a cutie pie like you. 3rd Entry: Are you a garbage? Why? Coz I wanna take you out.
  16. PvP/WoE/BG Rules is applicable to King of Emperium. Vending Skill and Dual-Clienting on the said Battle Event is now DISABLED.
  17. made a npc to refine all items whit the same name to a limit, por example, if i have 10 stone bucklers ind i will try to refine to +5, who the npc give me the chanse to refine all this to +5, and calculate each one separated. Pro: Less time in refine. Cons: People can broke equip whit refine w not want refine.
  18. -1 kaupe no have effect and see effect of kaite is important to a linker.
  19. Good Day Atlas Adventurers! Atlas roBrowser has been taken down permanently. We are no longer continuing the use of the said Platform. For more details, please click here. Also, all download links for Client and AndRO has been updated. We are still waiting for a newer version of Atlas APK that will fix the current #channel issues. Thank you!~
  20. IGN: Jassie ~`Were you forged by Sauron? ~`Cause, Baby, you are Precious. 😘



  22. IGN: Punny Roses are red, violets are blue. Wandered around Manila trying to look for you...
  23. Trading Ur Premium Tickets please pm me :(

  24. Add to NPC Porlyusica. A value above the npc of LHZ, price I am suggesting is 30k per unit.
  25. -1
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