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    • Winter

      [Archive] WoE:SE Registered Guilds   04/15/2017

      War of Emperium: Second Edition // Horn Castle, Valfreya Realm // 21 May 2017, 9:00 - 11:00 Server Time   List of Registered Guilds   It's Pot Time1111 Guild Leader: Garou1111 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Available] Another Random Guild Guild Leader: [Streamer] Treant 24x WoE Guild Bundle Supply and WoE Gear Rental Box [Available]     NOTICE: Fresh Guilds, as well as Guest Guilds are to be registered for War of Emperium: Second Edition provided that they meet the required number of 15 WoEing players to enter the Castle. Maximum guild capacity is 24 Members. We will be keeping tab of Guilds who would register and claim Supplies and Rental Gears and not actually participate. The registration for WoE:SE and registration for WoE Guild Supply Bundle and WoE Gear Rental Boxes are two separate things, and we reserve the right to withhold the boxes as sanction for Guilds who will register and not participate. Punishment for Guilds caught to be abusing the System will be two (2) weeks ban from claiming any Guild Supplies. Let's keep it fair for everyone.   Updated 15 April 2017 by @Winter IMPORTANT: I mentioned that the requirement for a Guild to participate in War of Emperium: Second Edition is to have at least a minimum of 15 WoEing players to be able to enter the Castle and the requirement is not limited to the said condition only. Participating WoE:SE Guilds need to have a simple core structure to GvG effectively.   CLASS LINE-UP 2x FS Professors 1x DLP Professor 1x DD High Wizard 1x SPP Creator 1x DD Creator 1x High Priest 2x Paladin 1x Clown 1x Soul Linker 1x Gypsy 1x DD Sniper 1x FS MBK Professor   I do not intend to have a discussion about how class line-ups should be made. This list is a bare minimum for a Modern War of Emperium: Second Edition meta and is a given requirement to participate for WoE:SE. Guilds who cannot produce a proper roster, only with the intention to have "fun" in a very disorderly manner is encouraged to join WoE:FE instead since it's unrestricted. I don't want to alienate some guilds, but it takes a lot of time to plan, organize and prepare for SE and I would like to give due credit to those Guilds who do so.   Thank you!
    • Winter

      [Server-Wide Event] A Fool's Fate   04/17/2017

      Although April Fool's Day has gone, it's still a day of fun.. If you are really clever, you can actually fool someone!   Atlas Ragnarok Online presents an A Fool's Fate Event! We decided to take the opportunity and celebrate it together with everyone. Just make sure you're up for the fun that you will get! Consider yourself warned! GLHF!         Given the fact that April Fool's Day is celebrated for only 24 hours, we'd like to stretch the experience and put an AtlasRO twist to it. We give you not just one, but two new custom MVP Monsters that will surely leave you guessing and looking forward to more of them. Find it or be found by it, we're not leaving any clues. Be sure to come prepared because you'll never know what will hit you!   Find the MVP Kecil, if you can! But if you actually do, you can choose to kill or tame it.. Fool's Fate would give you Kecil randomly on three (3) random Maps under three (3) Tiers every 12 Hours. Prepare for a mini-battle with this little Cutie Pie's squishiness! Just please be gentle!  Please note that the Shelter Wing Ears needs to be identified by a Magnifier before it can be equipped.   Expect the unexpected with the MVP Einvigi! You need not find him since he will definitely find you.. Fool's Fate would give you Kecil randomly on three (3) random Maps under three (3) Tiers every 12 Hours. Think twice, but if you think you can handle him.. Give it your best shot!  Please note that the Ancient King's Crown needs to be identified by a Magnifier before it can be equipped.        
    • Winter

      [Server-Wide Event] Atlas Eggsploration 2017   04/17/2017

        The Easter Bunny came by today, and left surprises along his way.. Colorful eggs are all around, with baskets in hand we search around.. Hiding in places here and there, Easter Eggs are everywhere.. Come one and come all, here in Atlas let's start to roll!                               

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  2. Human
  3. then poko rise up and boiled a egg
  4. Last week
  5. [PVP Event] 1v1 Champ vs Champ PVP Event +Royal Rumble at the end Winners
  6. Alright.
  7. As the title says Compilation of PVP Replays
  8. But got @nuke by Hrist
  9. no, it's the grf he was using that made it big.
  10. It will reduce damage because EDP w/ EP = more damage than EDP w/o EP. Well yea i see my mistake there, i missed out the EP add-on on my previous comment.
  11. it was for balancing purposes. Many people abused SL's ka-buffs just to get an edge in pvp room.
  12. -1, "Big Boys" don't need buffs outside pvp.
  13. Nah i was asked Juvia 2times why she remove outter buff But no answer. Yeah, Im champ n get bored if fight against champ only, I cant 1hit ashura to u bro u r strong haha depend who the sinx SB+Linked to you WS Coldy haha btw I've never see sinx again in pvproom.
  14. As promised, here you go! AtlasRO's 1st 3v3 PVP Blind Showdown. Please excuse the quality and bgm if it's not to your liking </3
  15. Congratulations to our Winners! [Grand Winner] Team ehoh Dismantle - Champion Vauel2 - Professor 10am - Paladin [2nd Placer] Team Go42 Puzzles - Professor FeelsBadMan - Biochemist SingingServant - Clown [3rd Placer] Team Bobos Triceratops - Clown Master Vanz - High Wizard B a s h - Biochemist [4th and 5th Placer] Team GiveUsBoxes PLDT 1299 - Biochemist Oda Nobuna - Stalker High Notes - Clown Team EventForFun Flask - Creatorr ALIPZZ - Champion D E V O N - Paladin --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prizes will be given to your leaders.
  16. Basically, it's more challenge to professionalize your favorite class. Talking about SinX with EDP, you can use deadly armour etc to reduce the damage. Pros : A : More classes will be invited and given equal chance to prove their game play. B : Players related to such classes will be active on BG for pvp resources.
  17. I dont think "GM Friends" have something to do with this, if they're afraid then don't go to PvP Room, that's why it goes by the name of "Big Boys Arena". Besides, a Good Champ can 1 hit Kill anyone, why get threatened by SinX? PS: I dont need to use a Pally with over ups to survive Sonic Blow from a Linked SinX
  18. Added these : MBK Disabled Bridging disabled Resurrection / Ygg Leaf / Token of Siegfried is not allowed. Whatever may be the output of the matchup, we would greatly appreciate for your feed back and suggestions for our next showdown event. We will be also adjusting the prizes for today's match up depending on how many teams will participate. 1~3 Teams Large amount Consolation Prizes (War Badges) No Grand Prize 2nd Place will get 3 Seasonal Boxes Victorious team will get 3 Seasonal Boxes and 1 Rouge Box 4~5 Teams Great amount Consolation Prizes (War Badges) No Grand Prize 2nd Place will get 3 Seasonal Boxes + 1 Rouge Box Victorious team will get 3 Seasonal Boxes and 3 rouge boxes Atlleast 6-8 teams Good amount of Conso (War Badges) Grand Prize will be given out (See list above) Edit : Listed Prizes above were given away. Consolation Prize = 21x PVP Participation Box
  19. after woe would be best...on the spot registration as well. then 1v1 pvp. thats when i come in.
  20. Just continue with the one you planned today, then try those options next week.
  21. Well we can do 3 options : We can move it after woe if all pre-registered team agrees. As long as we get atlleast 6-8 teams Proceed the match with adjustment of prizes Postpone it for next week after WoE time and players may suggest or chip in ideas during the week We all know that so called "pinoy-time".. We'll do an on the spot registration before the match~
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