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  1. sir,i already transfered money to your account and til now i did`,nt received the donation points

  2. Sir, its already 4days ago since u banned my account because of being hacked. And i try to reset my password but i can still reset. Send @ my email address if u going to reset my password. User : ZionNicklaus23..


    Thanks a lot.

  3. Updated Also Its Happy Hour Today!
  4. Good day Atlas Adventurers! Part 1: Changelog only contains the updates that doesn't require Server restart/maintenance. Added @arealoot Command. Enabled BG Supply on PVP-1. Disabled Icewall in some Places. Reduced some Pricing in BG Shop. Increased TDM Kills Requires to 200. Increased Badge Rewards per Game. Disabled @npc Command on PvP, WoE and BG Maps. Disabled NPC Hiding Effect on New Headgear Quests. Added Jaune Event Box [Mid-Box] on Rewards Sponsor NPC. Make +6~10 Foods Undispellable. Reduced Speed Potion Speed. Fixed Song Buffs Now Dispellable. Fixed Zaha, Blue Pajama and Arunafeltz Food Script. Fixed Random Crashes/Solar Hat Client Crash. [Requires Client Patch]
  5. Use /showname to see monster HP and normal font view.

    If your name is above on your head do the /font.

  6. because i try to sell my zeny for someone and idk he is cursedsapphire is [GM] Sapphire

    this is my bad and my fault 


  7. gm juvia if i sell my zeny to someone RMT

    can i got punish/jail/muted or ban?

  8. gm how much rate ,.. for donation ,.. im here in phl

    1. Fr damaso

      Fr damaso

      plss reply gm,.. ty

  9. Exchange Rates: $1 USD = 10 Kafra Points 48 PHP = 10 Kafra Points 1st Step: Go to any Western Union, LBC or Cebuana branch and talk to the agent in charge. Then ask for a 'Send Money' form. BONUS: Additional Points will be given for Cebuana Lhuiller sender. 2nd Step: Fill up the Money Transfer form with these details: Note: Bring a VALID ID and simply show to the agent your proof of identification if asked. If you're less than 18 yrs of age, ask someone above 18 and has a valid id to accompany you when transacting. Name: Brenth A. Samson Address: Imus, Cavite Phone Number: +639369510375 3rd Step: The agent will give you a receipt together with the tracking number. You can locate the tracking number at the upper right corner of the receipt. 4th Step: Send an Email to: atlas.ro14@gmail.com Please provide the following details on your Email: For faster verification send a text message to 09369510375 together with these info: Sender Name: Sender Address: In game name/Character Name: Amount Sent: Tracking Number: Date Sent: 5th Step: Once the first 4 steps have been done, please allow us to verify and confirm your transaction within 24 hours upon sending.We will notify you (by email or by text depending on how you coordinated with the team), once the verification has been completed. After receiving the confirmation message you will be able to immediately claim your Kafra Points at our Kafra Shop NPC.
  10. Hello Indonesian Players! You can now send your support by depositing through Mobile Banking or ATM! Exchange Rates: $1 USD = 10 Kafra Points RP. 13,000 = 10 Kafra Points 1st Step: Transfer via ATM or Mobile Banking Bank Information: Bank Name: BCA Account Name: Go Sutrisno Account Number: 865-0166-796 2nd Step: Following your deposit, please give an allowance of time not longer than 24 hours for donation points to be provided for your account. After payment please do the following steps: 3rd Step: Send an Email to: atlas.ro14@gmail.com Please provide the following details on your Email: For faster verification send a text message to +6287786378223 together with these info: Name of Transfer: Amount: Bank Name: Transfer Time: Character Name: Scanned/Screenshot of the Transfer Receipt:
  11. Permission to ask :). I just want to know on how to claim the guild package. Is it directly given in game or the gm who handled it is the one who will deal it with us??thanks and we need your response ;)

    1. Winter


      Hi there! Uhm, @Luke is to handle the GPax but you'd have to wait for at least three days for it. You can't expect it to be given immediately, let alone after a few hours of Server Launch. Guild Applications for the GPax are to be thoroughly checked and qualified Guilds will be contacted. Thank you for your patience! ^_^

  12. need a help to create account via roBrowser to be part of OBT... Please link me the guide to to register...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mark


      need the proper procedure to create account cause i already register at atlas-ro main site but its still not recognized..

    3. Juvia


      Hello, Please try to use the roBrowser again and create with _M/_F

    4. Winter


      What platform are you using?

  13. After a great deal of conceptualization and painstakingly long hours of deliberation... We finally bring you Atlas Ragnarok Online! The AtlasRO Team will zero in on providing the Community with a remarkable gameplay experience on neutral grounds under a mid-rate and pre-renewal setting. Let us bask in the sun and take comfort in a dynamic server not hog-tied on a lopsided management and a myriad of glitches and exploits, with a lively and reliable troop of twinkle-toed Game Masters, and oodles of adventures to immerse in.. We are now reaping what we sowed as AltasRO finally comes of age. Ragnarok Online was mythic. Nostalgia is overwhelming, but AtlasRO is the enduring fire that burnt through the World of Ragnarok and we will provide you with the same feelings, only better! Check out our Server Information and we hope to see you all soon!