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  2. Good day Atlas Adventurers! As the server continues to grow with the support and help of the entire Atlas Community we were able to extend our helping hands yet again to people who are in dire need of help. It was a blessing in disguise that happened on January 10th. The Atlas Team [Staff based in the Philippines] was supposed to do an Outreach Program to street children like how it was done last December 2016. But due to weather conditions that we didn't expect, we decided to just go straight to a nearby orphanage where instead of meeting orphans, we met a certain group of people; different families where one or more member/s being debilitated with illness seeked shelter. A total of 32 people, where the youngest - a child 2 years of age was diagnosed with cancer, were able to share us their stories and how to strongly cope up with their everyday struggles. In behalf of the Atlas Team, I would like to extend my gratitude to our Community as part of our server's earnings was able to put a smile on these wonderful people's faces even just for a while. But it won't end here, we have to decided to push an extensive form of help for them in the coming days, and we would like to ask the help of everyone. It doesn't have to be monetary aid, for those who want to donate in kind, to be a benefactor of a certain family or to just visit them and get to know them, information will be provided below. These wonderful people, they never asked for material things, every bit of help is greatly appreciated but more than anything, they only ask for prayers. Asilo Family and Staff with Atlas Team: @Blank, @Extraordinary, @Chiriko and @Capricorn. @Juvia and @Winter on @hide. +10 Foods and other Supplies and Mats for our Asilo Family. Atlas Staff packing Goodies for our Server-Wide Event. Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Facebook Account | Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Facebook Page | Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Wikipedia Address: 1148 United Nations Ave, Paco, Manila, 1500 Metro Manila Phone: (02) 523-3829 Direct Contact Person: Ms. Nerissa Collano // (0919) 779-8615 NOTE: We are going to be updating and posting more information and stories about our Asilo Family. Thank you in advance for any kind of help you guys are willing to give them. From the Atlas Team to everyone.. Let the fire burn through~ HAPPY 2017 TO ALL!
  3. FB: Like and Share Event has officially ended. Topic has been locked as further submission of entries are not allowed anymore. Winners will be announced within the day, 1st of December, 2016. Thank you everyone for participating! Goodluck!~ Qualified Entries: Entry Number with Valid FB Name #01 - Alvin Jezzrel #02 - Mark Santos #03 - Jecif Audrey Sampang #04 - Chan D' Veinth #05 - Richard Vitanzos Cabubas #07 - Mark Paraiso Zablan #08 - Benben Ebro #10 - Mark Jayson A. Perez #11 - Muhammad Kahfy #12 - Rhenald Cre Mali [November 26] #12 - Sonny Ydeo [November 29] #14 - Ÿabing Linzo [November 14] #14 - Khairul Syahmi Zulkifli [November 15] #19 - JR Quebengco #22 - Thomas Roy Cacho Santos [November 14] #22 - Ace Jamil Fuego Belen [November 18] #23 - Patchie Sta Maria #25 - Mark Antigua [November 14] #25 - Renzo Mikhael Cabuhat [November 30] #27 - Keii Franco Masangya RN #28 - Tata Alvarez #29 - Aldrin Garcia [November 17] #29 - Franz Aram Fajardo [November 21] #32 - Tabotabo Hyder #41 - Regie Pinat #48 - Alzeth Montemayor Escoto #55 - Shierly #65 - Hugo Alfaro #69 - Ako Si Shurkat #71 - Adrian Cabigting Diaz #77 - Petite Dragon [November 15] #77 - John Andrew Yap [November 30] #88 - Lordino Pan Y Vino #89 - Vaibhav Nakalgaonkar #99 - Roberto Yap #103 - John Daryl Dientre #107 - Kin Hachirobei #111 - RiChad Marvic Garcia [November 16] #111 - Gale Gatling [November 18] #116 - Niv RD NU #123 - Arbie Unciano [November 14] #123 - OhNin Feria [November 23] #127 - Jb Santos #128 - Michael Paul Pinero #133 - Peterson Cuares #137 - Rio Pratama #159 - Angelo Cortez #165 - Auriell Esquillo #187 - Alquinn Lim #188 - Eko Yeos #191 - Wen Xiang Low #199 - King John Recto #230 - Vishal Mirchandani #236 - Jaydee Dalisay #245 - Dedi Sumawirawan #248 - Anthonies Time #249 - Ronel Tagiobon Note: We have a total of 78 Unique Entries; 59 of which are qualified, and 19 enties were deemed invalid and have been disqualified. All Event Entries were verified and FB Accounts were thoroughly checked. We have 8 pairs of doubled entry numbers which have been highlighted above. In this case, we are going to keep the entry of the participant who was first to post and take the said entry number. All disqualified entries have failed to follow at least one of the entry mechanics: dummy game account [newly made, has less than 100 friends and the like], failed to post the required links of AtlasRO, missing post, share post set to private, FB account cannot be found, etc.
  4. Good day Atlas Adventurers! I would like to inform everyone that we have updated and upgraded THE CLAW GAME. You can now play it using War Badges obtained from the Battlegrounds Event and win awesome prizes! Please click the image below to see how it works together with the full list of items that can be won from the said in-game activity. Goodluck and Happy Gaming!~
  5. Good day Atlas Adventurers! In behalf of the entire Atlas Staff, we would like to apologize for the downtime we had earlier. It was a host-related issue that arised and it was pin-pointed on the dot immediately, we contacted the host and made sure to get the necessary fixes pronto. We are supposed to have a Scheduled Maintenance in 3-4hours, but since the server was down for a bit we decided to just include all the game updates, fixes as well as the Battlegrounds implementation all-in-one go. Changelogs have been posted. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience!~
  6. Good day Atlas Adventurers! Due to the hosting issue that we have encountered earlier, we have decided to push the following game updates while the server was down: Updated @settings command. Added Mailbox Duplicate in mid-Prontera City. Implemented Custom BG Armor for Warlock Classes. Implemented Battlegrounds: 1st Round starts at 70 versus 70. Enabled Custom Default Headgear Quests: Bandit Beard [Umbala], May Hats [Gonryun] and Six Hats Event [Prontera]. Reduced Holy Water Selling Price. Enabled Anti-Vending/Pub Override. Disabled Vending from @go 10 - onwards. Fixed Skill Fail from Gemini (Plagiarism) NPC. Bandit Beard [Umbala] // umbala,126,129 May Hats [Gonryun] // gonryun,187,140 Six Hats Event [Prontera] // prt_in,130,66 Note: Zac NPC hides/unhides every 15 minutes.
  7. Good day Atlas Adventurers! I would like to inform everyone that we are currently having an emergency maintenance. This maintenance is related to a minor issue regarding our host provider. Server downtime is TBA. Kindly wait for an official announcement of when the maintenance will be done. Thank you for your patience.
  8. Good day Atlas Adventurers! We have taken this opportunity of adding and improving a few things while restarting the server as a required fix to the hosting issues we've had last week. The following are the things that has been updated and included to the game to fill in some missing things that was not in our previous scheduled maintenance: Added Main NPCs on Towns: Einbech, Manuk, Midcamp and Veins. Added Gemini (Plagiarism) NPC Prontera (prontera,82,207) // Use @npc Copy command. Added Event Boxes on Rewards Sponsor NPC: Rouge Event Box, Jaune Event Box and Bleu Event Box. Fixed Orc Archer Bow Description. Updated the Game Server Security. Disabled Same-IP Voting for Top Sites. Fixed Timer for Super Novice Steel Body. Disabled Moonlit Serenade Skill in Towns. Updated Kafra Shop (Donation Shop) NPC. Removed Mini-Bosses, Blue and Brown Skeggiolds on the Daily Hunting via Job Request Board. NOTE: Kindly patch your Game Clients if you cannot connect to the server. If you still cannot login after patching, kindly download this file, extract it in your Atlas Folder and re-patch your Game Clients.
  9. Good day Atlas Adventurers! I would like to inform everyone that we will be having an emergency maintenance on Thursday, 17 November 2016 @ 4:00 Server Time (@time). The said maintenance is to render immediate fixes due to the previous hosting issues we have encountered which requires a quick restart of the server. We would also like to take this opportunity to include some minor server-side adjustments and a few in-game updates which was not included in the previous scheduled maintenance. Server downtime will be at least 30-60 minutes long. Please make the necessary preparations. Changelogs are to be posted once the server is up and running.
  10. Good day Atlas Adventurers! After we have completed our first Server Maintenance, we are now ready to take on the next big thing that the Community has been "patiently" waiting for since we have officially launched. The AtlasRO Battlegrounds Discussion is now OFFICIALLY OPEN. The Staff of AtlasRO would like to know the sentiments of the Community concerning the said Battle Event and we would like to encourage everyone to participate in the Discussion that we have opened. We have decided to implement the Battlegrounds on the 25th of November 2016. Kindly click the image below to be redirected to the Battlegrounds Discussion page.
  11. It has been more than 2 weeks since Atlas Ragnarok Online has officially launched! Within that 2 weeks, a very short period of time, we have reached an astonishing peak of 2,500 and still counting! It brings us joy to see the Atlas Community grow everyday! In lieu of this, we are now holding a FACEBOOK: LIKE AND SHARE EVENT! .. in hopes of further expansion for our beloved Server! Do you want to participate in our Event? It's so simple. There is only a few steps you need to follow and you'll be on your way to being qualified to win awesome prizes in our Raffle! Not to mention, consolation prizes that will benefit the entire Community. So what are you waiting for? 1.) LIKE our Official Facebook Page: Atlas Ragnarok Online [ ] 2.) LIKE the Pinned Post [ ] 3.) SHARE the Pinned Post and have the following things included in your Share Post: Input a very catchy caption that describes your current experience with the AtlasRO Community. Input the In-Game Name you are using in playing Atlas Ragnarok Online. Input any number from #1-250 in a parentheses after your In-Game Name which will serve as your Raffle Entry. Lastly, at the end of your post, it is a MUST to include the following links: 4.) Take a SCREENSHOT of your Share Post and REPLY directly to this Event Topic. Share Posts should be set to Public, so we can check and verify them. Refrain from censoring your Facebook Name. A visible name is a must to verify the Winners. No dummy accounts will be allowed. We have a Team of FB Moderators to check every account. Non-compliance to any of the conditions stated above, as well as the given instructions, will void your entry. Our utmost gratitude goes to all of you, hence we have decided to give out quite a handful of prizes to our Grand Winners! In addition to giving out prizes for the Event Winners, we're attaching a CONDITIONAL PRIZE for the whole Atlas Community for participating in this Event! If we reach the following amounts of LIKES and SHARES, the Server will implement:
  12. Good day Atlas Adventurers! Regarding our 3-Day 1.5x Experience Boost and Drop Rate Bonus, I would like to clear it that the event drop rate mentioned only affects Healing, Equipment and Usable Items that are non-MVP-related. Moreover, the convertion of 1.5x Rate is 75x for Experience Boost and 15x for Drop Rate Bonus. Hope you all enjoy the Compensation Event! Thank you!~
  13. Good day Atlas Adventurers! Our scheduled maintenance is a successful one! The server is now up and running. The following are the things that has been updated and added to the game: Added Blue Gemstones to Porlyusica Tool Dealers. Added Fetty Warp (Warper) NPC on PvP Waiting Room. Enabled Marriage System (Same-Sex Marriage Supported). Implemented Souvenir Gift Check Donation Method via Paypal. Added Yajima (All-in-One Job Support) NPC on PvP Waiting Room. Added Banker (Zeny Transfer) NPC inside Prontera (prt_in,129,38) // Use @npc Bank command. Added Levy (Rewards Sponsor) NPC in Prontera (prontera,131,195) // Use @npc Reward command. Added Custom @npc Commands to warp directly to Feature NPCs. For detailed info, check AtlasRO Wiki. Added Battle @pvp1/@pvp2/@pvp3 Commands to warp directly to PvP/GvG Arenas. Only available in Towns. Fixed Range/Hack Bug. Fixed Bowling Bash Glutter Bug. Fixed Some Non-Tradeable Items. Disabled @go 16 - Prison/Jail Map. Decreased Arrow Selling Price to 1z. Fixed some wrong NPC Coordinates. Removed Yellow Herb in Mall Area NPC. Allowed Memo (/memo) on some Maps. Fixed Sunglasses Quest Description Bug. Fixed Tuxedo Item and Wedding NPC Bugs. Removed Increase Soil Metamorphosis Skill. Removed Duplicate Items in Mall Area NPCs. Fixed some wrong Item Effects and Description. Increased Homunculus Intimacy Rate from 1 to 5. Fixed @jtws Command on Mall Area and Vending Zone. Decreased @noks duration from 60 seconds to 15 seconds. Change #trade Channel Text Color to a lighter, more readable one. Removed a list of Mini-Bosses and some Mobs under @noks Protection. Mapflagged Leveling Spots, Mall Area and Vending Zone. Disabled Dead Branches. Fixed Recent Warp when VIP Membership expires. Recent Warps Option gets reset. Stuck Issues. Added a warp portal on Izlude PVP Arena leading to and from the Airship. Fixed Bubble Gum Description. Item description has been changed to match its duration, 30 minutes . Fixed Universal Taming Gift Description. It allows you to tame Custom AtlasRO Pets which includes MVPs. Basic Features :: Lists information regarding AtlasRO's Basic Features. Custom Features :: Lists AtlasRO's Highlight Features and their details. Player Commands :: Necessary In-Game Commands, including newly added @npc. AI-Rate Downgrade :: A complete list of the items that has been nerfed on AtlasRO. Custom AtlasRO Pets :: Custom Pets (MVPs & Mini-Bosses) tamable by Universal Taming Gift. Please note that AtlasRO Wiki is continuously being filled with information that is custom to the Server. Thank you for your patience!~
  14. Good day Atlas Adventurers! Two weeks has gone so fast since our Official Server Launch. And within that short span of time, we have gathered a lot of suggestions from the Community, had players discuss options that may better the server, found numerous in-game anomalies, and experienced a lot of external attacks, server crashes and lag spikes that hindered Atlas Ragnarok Online from functioning to its fullest. But do not fret, a lot of mishaps may have happened but rest assure that we are going to keep our grounds firm and make this server the best possible it can ever be. We would like to inform everyone that we will be having a maintenance on Saturday, 12 November 2016 @ 3:00 Server Time (@time). The said maintenance will render fixes to all underlying issues that we have, including currently found bugs/exploits. We will also be pushing new game contents that everyone is sure to enjoy. We understand that you've all gone through a stressful experience with all the inconsistencies hence, we are giving an additional 1.5x Experience Boost and Drop Rate Bonus for three (3) days effective immediately following our scheduled maintenance. Expect at least an hour of downtime for AtlasRO. This is to make way for the maintenance itself including debugging and testing altogether. Please make the necessary preparations ahead of time. Changelogs are to be posted once the server is up and running.