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  1. IGN: Lelouch vi Britannia When she says 'make your own sandwich'. People's reaction when i finally make that sandwich.
  2. Your account has been credited with 25% OFF on 5 trips! To unlock, use promo PN11TF (Max. INR35/trip). Expires 20 Nov'16. Pune Only. TnCa
  3. :)
  4. The game is very simple. Press Ctrl + v or if you're on your smartphone, paste blah blah and post it. Here's mine. Anyone know how long you can keep a chicken in the freezer for? I put one in there last night and found it dead this morning.
  5. Watch Bokura Ga Ita and then, read it's manga when you finish with the anime to experience twists like Night Shyamalan. no but seriously, it's not just the typical slice of life shit, it takes the feeling of "love" to the next level. :0 Code Geass = Simply the best, nothing else needs to be said. lyk if u cri evrytyme. Dragon Ball Super <3 = if you've watched the rest of it i mean. :3 Log Horizon = Unlike other MMORPG animes, this one seems different and more interesting. Owari no Seraph = Decent Story Line, Nice fight scenes, good background music. K Project = Amazing Art Work, Really nice catchy background music, decent story line. I'll maybe update this later, I R LAZY. :0