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  1. Server Downtime

    Good day Atlas Adventurers, I apologize for the lack of communication with regard to the current "shut down" status of the server, but we haven't shut down. Our host encountered a problem which was immediately fixed, but I decided not to put the server back on so as to push a maintenance. This said maintenance will be a lengthy one hence, the server downtime is TBA. Please wait for an official announcement once the server is back up and running. Again, server downtime is TBA. Thank you!
  2. Enable Costumes on BG and WOE

    Changed Status to Implemented
  3. make a paralel test server

    Changed Status to Implemented
  4. @storeit revamp

    Changed Status to Implemented
  5. Custom Item Quests - Suggestion

    D'hell is this ritual... haahahaha!
  6. Enable Costumes on BG and WOE

    Changed Status to In Progress
  7. Bringing in New People

    Uhm, I would love to have a full-list of tips from you and implement it in-game like it popup when 1st-10th login.
  8. Bringing in New People

    Freebies seems reasonable.
  9. Enable Costumes on BG and WOE

    With a little google search you can find multiple topic in Hercules/rAthena regarding about animated headgear that causing crashes. So the only option is to disable animated HG in WoE/BG
  10. Enable Costumes on BG and WOE

    Explained it over and over, Its not Hercules or script-sprite bug its a client bug for some Headgears.
  11. Speed Potion

    Changed Status to Implemented
  12. Hire a Website Administrator or Moderator

    We are really sorry, Voting and Ranking stuff problem wont happen again.
  13. Change the font color of #ally channel.

    Changed Status to Implemented
  14. Bring Back Old PvProom IZLUDE & RULES

    Changes will apply on the next maintenance. Map changes only. Changed Status to Implemented
  15. Hire a Website Administrator or Moderator

    Website's already fixed. Regarding about inactivity of the admins We had family stuff at the same time, I don't have any internet signal on our province :'(