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  1. WOE SE (Vidblainn) May 7, 2017

    Please fix bug where relogging resets the rankings.. ggwp woe all
  2. Roster needed there is too big.. had to play even first woe with last minute standins and guests. Else would have definitely continued to play there. :( /sarcasm noted but just giving you an honest answer either way.
  3. No idea.. you can try see our vids and see if its happening.. or even go through cass stream. I can vouch and say not a single player on my roster has bypass or any kind of cheat other than AHK and Autopot. The only reason I still continue to organize and play despite all the trash talking is because RO is still fun without the cheats. Its sad that woe on every server now is brought down to who has the best cheats. Not just talking about atlas.. If I can take even 30% gvgs off guilds/players that continue to cheat and drive this game deeper into the grave, I'm satisfied with that. I get that being toxic is part of gaming but is it really necessary not to play on even-par with everyone else. What are you guys even trying to prove? So many learner players and new guilds who would have a much better woe experience if people just played by the rules. And no offense to the staff team, but you shouldn't be scared to ip ban the bypassers. @Juvia so many videos for proof and still no action taken. Its very disappointing both to me and to guilds like pottime and playtime who are trying to win without cheats.
  4. Luke, WoE and BG Stuff

    The last SE Woe thread by Luke was on Feb 29th and FE on 25th Feb. What else to say
  5. Packet Filter

    +1 PLEASEEEE LESS SKILLS. Support the wooden pcs All the money I had I donated to server instead of buying new laptop!gg jk
  6. I think the best idea to satisfy all the SE guilds to add another SE woe for saturday. But keep the saturday woe as a roster of 24/22 whatever, so that even the smaller guilds can compete on an even level. And shift the FE woe to someday during the week. Much better than opening multiple castles for SE.
  7. WOE SE (Cyr) Feb 12, 2017

    Aww man we supporting you guise.. well atleast I was.. dont judge a full guild by few people brathen!
  8. WOE SE (Cyr) Feb 12, 2017

    QQ Level over 9000 on this thread.. very enjoyable posts..
  9. WOE SE (Cyr) Feb 05, 2017

    Well played HD... Can't even move on the screen after you guys show up though. Thats how laggy it was for a lot of us. Not happened in the server tbh even when there are 3 guilds on screen lol.
  10. Proxy Server

  11. niceeeeeeeeee had fun :D