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    GR card = 2.5b
  2. S> Deviling Card

  3. Enable Costumes on BG and WOE

    so.. NO? :(
  4. Enable Costumes on BG and WOE

    Well, i said about this on #main and even on @request, they said post bout it on forums, so here it is. Yep!! #Pray4Costumes
  5. Enable Costumes on BG and WOE

    If this is the wrong section for this, I apologize. So, i know that u disable this because of the errors, but can you please try to fix it? Pros: - i dont know.. aesthetics? - it will make playing on BG or WOE less boring (at least for me) - cant think of anything else, i just wanted to fight in style :) Cons: - none, as far as i know. Thanks!
  6. S> Deviling Card

  7. S> Deviling Card

    bump... Trade to GR Card + zennies msg me!
  8. S> Deviling Card

    up.. Current best offer is 1.8b by Scavenger,i'll deal at 2b
  9. S> Deviling Card

    up.. Current best offer is 1.7b by Scavenger, i'll deal at 2b
  10. S> Deviling Card

  11. S> MvP Cards @quit I accept only offers on Zenys.

    is your list updated? is Samurai Spector Card still available?
  12. astral circle and stuff

    trade your inca samurai card for my deviling card
  13. S> Deviling Card

    bump.. "TRADE TO INCA SAMURAI CARD" if possible
  14. suggestion

  15. S> Deviling Card

    up... any other offers??