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  1. Thanks for raising your warm concerns. Yes, it may possible cause confusion. My suggestion is not the final decision. We can still have single warper. Maybe we can suggest that we can choose different VIP rank e.g. VIP1, VIP2, and so on. So we have different benefit to those VIP rank. E.g. VIP3 has warper service only. So everyone is happy and don't riot. This is why I welcome everyone constructive criticism and other suggestions to make real solution. The solutions is infinite but the real solution is few.
  2. @kiumi Thanks for clarification. Now I understand what you mean. If they will implement another warper that needed to pay every use maybe I have different point of view compare to our current warper service. But let's see what officer's input because in the end their decision is final. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  3. @kiumi Thank you for your feedback. The price should be something that will make the players still pick VIP over the paid warper. Maybe you mean to your 1st suggestion is to slightly increase the fee/price, right? I agree to this as long as the duration of service is pause when we logout same as how Bubble Gum and Field Manual is coded. I think it is fair to us to pause the duration of service because we paid that service. We lost many duration of VIP service if we are logout. The warper should be LESS convenient than the warper with VIP. Like there will be no "recent map warp" which means if you want to use this kind of service you have to pick the dungeon or field manually -- ALL THE TIME! XD I also agree to your 2nd suggestion. Even without "recent map warp" is fine with me. My point is just to maximize the warper service by pause the duration when we logout and continue the duration when we get back online.
  4. @Bluebell Thank you for your feedback. I agree to your suggestion to change the duration to hours with reasonable fee for this warp service only. Of course we can cover the expense if we are hunting in those zeny maker maps. How about for a newbie that needs to access maps just to level up? How about for hunting specific item only? Frequently, we need to use warper to access specific map. Sometimes, we opt not to avail VIP service because fee is too much. My point is to have another warper with reasonable fee which we can pause the duration if we logout. I think my suggestion is possible because there is existing code programming like buffs, BBG, FM, Foods, etc. which is pause the duration when we logout. Let's wait for officer response.
  5. Currently, the most service in VIP system I have use is warper service (I think most players use this, right?) Many times I didn't use the other services. Sometimes, I have use VIP system but I logon twice/thrice only per day depends on my free time. Then, I'm surprise when my VIP service is already end. So I realize I can't maximize the service duration and the sad part is service fee is not easy to hunt . Hence, I suggest to add customize warper service only on top of current VIP system. We can toggle ON/OFF this service. Pros: - We can maximize the VIP service duration. Cons: - This suggestion is for warper service only. - More officer work. Note: - Constructive criticism are welcome or other version of my suggestion.
  6. Pros: Currently, we can only @JoinBG if we are present in Towns. Please include all Fields and Dungeons to @JoinBG. While we are waiting to complete each line-up, we can maximize our time to hunt on Fields/Dungeons. Cons: More officer work.
  7. I think there is a cons in one of your pros above. Cons: - There is possibility that PvP area will be less player. They will stay longer in test server to duel instead. They need to ensure that every player have separate map instance to avoid the cons I have mentioned. Anyways, I like your suggestion. For poor guy like me, we can plan future spending.
  8. I think your suggestion is similar to this one http://atlas-ro.com/forum/topic/1963-additional-buff-on-buffring/#comment-7240. Anyways, let's wait for community and officer's response.
  9. It is for zeny sink purpose to balance the economy. It won't hurt too much your budget for exchanging this smooth service.
  10. As far as I understood, you want to have 190 ASPD for your sniper. You use Doppelganger Card but not able to reach 190 ASPD yet. I would like to know if you already use basic supplies to boost ASPD? Awakening Potion and Stat Foods for examples. How about buffs? Blessing, Increase Agility, etc. I believe you can reach 190 ASPD with proper equipments. I suggest you ask some veteran snipers in game/forum or search in google for more information.
  11. It's funny
    how you
    can do
    nice things
    for people
    all the time
    and they
    never notice.
    But once
    you make
    one MISTAKE,
    it's never forgotten.

    1. series


      "Don't throw pearls before swine."

  12. You are your own worst enemy.


    If you can learn to stop expecting impossible


    perfection, in yourself and others, you may


    find the happiness that has always eluded you.

    1. Jammehster


      My worst enemy is winning atm... /heh 

  13. The AGI and DEX stat affect the attack speed (Aspd). You can try in your own by putting stat point and observe that the Aspd is increasing. But I don't know exactly the ratio in this server. For every ? AGI = ? Aspd For every ? DEX = ? Aspd
  14. Everyone thinks I've gotten better.


    I haven't.


    I've just gotten better at hiding it.

    1. Blank


      Cheer up Buddy! 




    2. Spodermen


      You are better! believe it! Be a Naruto!