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  1. Probably some issue with Texas ISP then
  2. Just you on your guild or others aswell? Ginji was dcing too from time to time (TX)
  3. WOE SE (Vidblainn) May 7, 2017

    You can't really blame them. There's some guilds who just want to win castle for the loots so they can buy +9 items. and there's some guilds who's just there for the GvG.
  4. WOE SE (Vidblainn) May 7, 2017

    Well I think Pot time and Ohana dont know how to play SE WOE and they just treat SE WOE like FE WoE.
  5. WOE SE (Vidblainn) May 7, 2017

    Rushed video. Gotta prep for other woe ;)
  6. WOE SE (Vidblainn) May 7, 2017

    Just join in discord and lets talk about shit.
  7. WOE SE (Vidblainn) May 7, 2017

    I need new cohost for my stream. Care to join? They're not playing anymore :(
  8. WOE SE (Vidblainn) May 7, 2017

    LOL Prophet Vanz. Nice to see woe is alive again. Now time to make BG alive again ;)
  9. S> Premium Buff Ticket

  10. Hire a Website Administrator or Moderator

    Bluebell for Website GM
  11. Gotta fix them lag/DC issues with pinoy ISP. Still happening on BG.
  12. yeah RIP this woe. More than half of the guild keeps getting DC/lag. From what I've heard same issue with other guild's pinoy, even on OPK.
  13. It was easter and half the guild can't play. So it's either we let guest in or not woe. You can rewatch Cass stream. We went back to portal to wait for people to respawn since champs were portal camping. Even if we go in together 2-4 people will get fisted and we have to wait camp portal for them to come back. Just don't go in if there's a guild camping the portal for respawn or go in together to wipe the guild that's camping (we did this a few times against 9263 and NSA)