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  1. Proverbs' Signature Galore

    10m pls
  2. S>Stuff for zeny B> GR Card

    No set prices on anything.
  3. S>Stuff for zeny B> GR Card

    No longer selling items. B> Orc Hero Card, T>items below or zeny. Pm price Cards: Mastersmith Card Turtle General Card (SOLD 520m) Valkyrie Randgris Card Amon Ra Card (SOLD 500m) Dark Illusion Card Dark Lord Card (SOLD 700m) Stormy Knight Card x2 Salamander Card Byorgue Card Evil Snake Lord Card (SOLD 900m) Gloom Card (SOLD 1.2b) Equips: Lucius's Fire Armor[1] 3DEX (SOLD 190m) Aebecee's Wind Armor[1] 3DEX (SOLD 150m) Diabolous Robe[1] 3DEX, 3INT Diabolous Armor[1] 3DEX, 3STR, 3INT, 3VIT +9 Berserk[1] (SOLD 2.1b) +8 Berserk[1] (SOLD 1.6b) +10 Infiltrator[1] (SOLD 950m) +4 Ice Pick[1] (SOLD 450m) +9 Wind Katar[3] +9 Fire Katar[3] +9 Water Katar[3] Swordbreaker[3] Mailbreaker[3] +10 Diabolous Manteau[1] Headgears: Black Devil's Mask (SOLD 392m) +9 Hat of Girl[1] (SOLD 600m) Love Love Balloon (SOLD 130m) C's Valkyrie Helm C's Vicious Aura (white) C's Vicious Aura (black) C's Falling Rose Petals Drooping Pope Hat C's Eremes Scarf More headgears (all donations) are available, can drop a PM to ask for a specific headgear. Misc: Premium Buff Ticket(s) Buying: Ghostring Card Orc Hero Card
  4. WOE SE (Cyr) Mar 19, 2017

    Why would you make it exclusive to just currently active guilds? Pretty sure WP has been trying to push for the fix in WoE time. With that said, many guilds went inactive because of the lag issue, which is finally currently being addressed so we'll see how that goes.
  5. WOE SE (Cyr) Mar 12, 2017

    I dont see bans being handed out for half these people on forums. Get real.
  6. WOE SE (Cyr) Mar 12, 2017

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2Bv30-wU0o I guess you can add getting banned to the excuse list. Bye guys
  7. WOE SE (Cyr) Feb 26, 2017

    Gee, like I said: only one clip of them catching them reposition. Why dont you watch 3 seconds before where you started it?
  8. WOE SE (Cyr) Feb 26, 2017

    I guess that explains why I don't have a large scale of dislikes. You blindshits must have missed my videos. And most of us stopped making videos because this server lags like shit compared to before. Sorry who got banned again? Sorry m8 only found 1 "clip" of them catching chkns repositioning. Where's the smashing?
  9. WOE SE (Cyr) Feb 26, 2017

    I am just tired of seeing their bullshit arguments against chkns. They win, they talk shit. They lose, they talk shit. Pretty sure they didn't win all of their GvGs every week so I wonder why they praise themselves so much. But hey its not their fault they lose, it's either "meme" luke's fault, or mvp cards. Or maybe they are just that salty after we called out on them with their "cheats," the ones they so persistently keep denying. Were we right or wrong because I heard they dropped the banhammer. Btw it doesn't matter how good you all are. The rental gears are shit, our gears are more superior.
  10. WOE SE (Cyr) Feb 26, 2017

    Because rankings mean everything. If you think that shithole of a ranking system means anything, it must really say something about your ego. Anybody up for some portal farming? I wonder why you use a troll alias. No fam, we too busy farming imaginary mvp cards.
  11. S>Hatii (Sold) / RSX /3x Turtle General

    I guess your autopots and @restock isn't good enough to handle strong shield. Pvm is tough nowadays.
  12. S>Hatii (Sold) / RSX /3x Turtle General

    No need to be mean. He is the first offer anyways so he can start as low as he wants. Plus I don't think there's much use of that card. Strong shield gives the same effect. So 250m is probably the best offer you're going to get.