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  1. Event # 2: We Could Happen! Musterion Europe Warfare Most liked in forums: Hakuren Event # 3: Notice Me Senpai! Janz Event # 4: Forever And Always kiumi EvilCaster Note: 1. Please use @request ingame so we will know if you are online and send the rewards to you. 2. Kafra Points added by Admin Juvia.
  2. xWork

    @Colorless Keep up the good work ^__^ looking forward to your growth as an artist :)
  3. "When I dream about you,

    That's when everything's all right,

    You're in my arms

    Here next to me, forever"



    1. Jammehster


      We are no strangers to love.

      You know the rules and so do I. 


  4. [Event Duration]: 00:00 March 1st - 11:59pm March 21st, 2017 [Event Description]: Summer has finally arrived! Show us how you'll celebrate the summer heat with your friends in-game and get a chance to win awesome prizes! [Event Mechanics]: Take your funniest and most adventurous screenshot that will best fit the theme "Summer-ific Time". Screenshot should be clear of the UI (You can do this by using Alt + F 11 in-game). Entrants are not allowed to modify their screenshots. All entries must be of uniform size of 1024 x 768 pixels. Entrants may submit up to three (3) entries. Post your entries in this thread in the following format: Your exact IGN: Screenshot Caption (How you will celebrate it with your friends in-game): Screenshot Entry: [Event Rewards]: Best Summeri-fic Sreenshot: AtlasRO-Exclusive Summer Headgear *1 Headgear Prize for the Winner: 1x Seraph Wing Helm [Costume] Seraph Wing Helm Sprite Illustration $25 worth or 250 Kafra Points Picnic Basket *1 Jaune Events Box *1 HE BBG *5 Mime Glaze *3 Top 2 Screenshots: Picnic Basket *1 Bleu Event Box *1 HE BBG *5 Mime Glaze *3
  5. Note: Please contact GM @Licht here in forums regarding your rewards.
  6. is lost /ene

    1. Luzbel87


      hello ^_^ winner ms atlas here :p

    2. Luzbel87


      also, AltairBX is in the battle zone (basilan province). one of the hotspot for fighting rebels and terrorist at the moment. Signal to the internet and communication went haywire and there's no way to contact him. only when u use a satellite dish :p so uhm.. i'll be the one logging in his char to receive the item. and i'm legally his wife. :p i have a wedding certificate to prove HAHAHHAHA thanks mama licht mwah

  7. [Event Rewards]: Best Loading Screen(For the "Perfect Two"): AtlasRO Exclusive Valentine Headgear - Panda Hood - $25 worth or 250 Kafra Points Jaune Events Box Valentines Box Top 2 Loading Screen (Runner-ups[2x2]): $15 worth or 150 Kafra points Valentines Box * 1 Blue Event Box * 1 HE BBG * 5 Mime Glaze * 3 Participation Reward: HE BBG * 3 Mime Glaze * 2 Note: Prizes will be given within 3 business days.
  8. Player Versus Player Event.

    Hai we have those already .. the Job showdown event, just waiting for the full implementation of the rule :) we had 7v7 before, we'll host more in the future :)
  9. Hello from the other side!

    You are still confused, you need to find the light
  10. Hello from the other side!

    @Musterion Hello hooman who is currently having an identity crisis! Welcome to atlas I am from the other side of the Universe as well
  11. @Eve they are waiting for the last minute to post their stories lol XD
  12. Chillin' around the Universe.. :popie3:

  13. Gravity

    It is in the quietest of the night,
        when the Stars 
        stood still,
        when the Comets 
        collide amidst 
        the hue,
        I was lost, 
        drawn into you.

    The Gravity in your eyes 
        has pulled my entirety,
        like the moon
        that reflects
        the other half me,
        Like those stars
        embroidered in my heart,
        I will love you forever.

    - Licht 

  14. Musterion | Art Shop

    @Musterion Love your art style! Keep it up! P.S. Would love to order from your shop, sadly we can't XD