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  1. S> Gemini Card

    Sure buyer here as well. Post best offer daily and will offer above
  2. USB Guild

  3. S> Gemini Card

    70m for both of them
  4. USB Guild

    bump; Recruiting new: - Professor - Paladin http://usb.boards.net/
  5. Buying / Selling list

    Buying: Fire armor [1] 15m +3 dex Fire armor [1] 90m Selling: Orleans Glove 50m or ? Rainbow star: offer Eremes Scarf: offer
  6. still have cookbook?
  7. B> Orleans Glove

  8. WOE SE (Cyr) Feb 19, 2017

    woeing without devo new meta USB - 2/12/2017 *Woe vids avail
  9. USB Guild

    BUMP - RECRUITING FS/DLP Prof FS Wiz FS Linker Clown Tarot Gypsy Devo Paladin
  10. WOE SE (Cyr) Jan 29, 2017

    A comment was made in the previous thread about introducing another SE schedule. Currently, woe seems to be working just fine. However discussing a different / additional option would be more viable than changing current server intended setup.
  11. WOE SE (Cyr) Jan 29, 2017

    USB was 26 without randoms, 31 with. Unless I read a very good reason for lowering guild cap , I can't really support the idea. I'd rather get steamrolled , and learn about where my roster is failing.
  12. WOE SE (Cyr) Jan 29, 2017

    The only posters commenting + 1 to lower are all in Playtime.
  13. USB Guild

    Bump. Devo Pala FS Pro Linker FS Wiz