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  1. B> Combat Knife

    Buying Combat Knife, leave price
  2. Proxy Server

  3. The wiki being empty doesnt help really http://wiki.atlas-ro.com/King_of_Emperium Is there any info on this event anywhere? We never payed any attention to the broadcasts because we have no idea what the event is or how to participate in the first place.
  4. Canceled sunday 1st January WOE

    No reason to cancel woe, stop bitching
  5. Quagmire

    -1 Quag has always affected everyone on PvP, no need to change that.
  6. Its Pot Time1111

    R> Profe OLP y Crea DD/SPP
  7. Its Pot Time1111

    Ball not train
  8. IGN: Nats Guild: Its Pot Time1111 Been playing this game since 2004, cant belive im still here, what am i doing with my life (?) You guys have a really nice server going on, really looking forward for some competitive woes ATLAS RAFFLE SUBMISSION.
  9. We are back! Looking forward for some nasty and fun WoEs