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  1. hats

  2. hats


    buy 4 slot knife instead of ck
  4. S>Tao Gunka Card

    so does it mean no more gtb doppel maya p gr and devi card? :(
  5. hats

    Buying -Dragonfly Monocle -Miracle Blue Rose -Hair of the Strong -Banshee Master Kiss -Evil Druid Hat
  6. Blank Card Rewards

    a month ago still no action -_-
  7. Buying

    450m +3str drobe
  8. Buying

  9. Buying

    added to the list: -Hair of Strong C
  10. Buying

    400m msg me
  11. Buying

  12. Buying

    +9 infil[1] +9proxy/dmant[1] drobe(+3str/dex)
  13. you could use that for new years eve
  14. Wanderer's Sakkat

    add this hat please thanks!
  15. i see some using free walk? does server enable it to use?