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  1. Selling n Buying

    Updated! (Bought +7 infil [1]) @Haku pm sent
  2. Selling n Buying

    UP im up for trades
  3. Selling n Buying

    good offer UP
  4. Selling n Buying

    UPdated Added new headgear to buy and to sell (S>robo eye, B>ice pick (with or without slot) )
  5. Selling n Buying

    uppppdated! Added new headgear to sell (S>Tare Brownie) Added buying list
  6. Selling n Buying

    updated! antler fedora SOLD
  7. Selling n Buying

    noted up
  8. Count from 1 to 10000000000000000000000

    10000000000000000000000 close thread! 2
  9. [Suggestions] PVP Showdowns

    +111111111111111 I see baby class, i send +1
  10. Selling n Buying

    SELLING: Antler Fedora (rouge event box) SOLD! Sakura Hat Birdcage of Paradise White Lily Camellia Hairpin Peco Ears Red Pom Band [1] Sprouting Balloon Memories of Lover Tare Brownie Robo Eye BUYING: +7/+8 infiltrator[1] BOUGHT! diabolus armor STR+3 Ice pick (with or without slot) TRADING: my Robo eye to your WCP PM OFFER
  11. Kafra Corporation

    NOOOOOOO this is not... hentai...
  12. Kafra Corporation

    ye u did how could u forget the sexy ass glasses?
  13. Kafra Corporation

    So reasonable ^^ have to agree with that
  14. Kafra Corporation

    ~ KAFRA CORPORATION ~ Pavianne Blossom Jasmine Roxie Leilah Curly Sue Sampaguita Niflheim Kafra unknown Schwarzwald Kafra unknown Schwarzwald Kafra (aka AtlasRO's Fetty Warp} Which kafra is your favorite? AND WHY? Anyway I'm just... bored.
  15. battleground

    We play battlegrounds, it's available 24/7 but players dont join all the time, and you have to be level 95+ to join. and yeah it's 1000 players online but some are auto traders, you can view by clicking this link: http://panel.atlas-ro.com/?module=server&action=status