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  1. S>Stuff for zeny B> GR Card

    How much for the +4 ice pick [1]?
  2. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    Why are you getting so angry? Lmao. Do you even know my character name? Saying I don't play well over a forum post. My posts must be too hard on you. Hahahaha
  3. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    Rasicm. Racism everyone. Your reply tho. How ironic. xD
  4. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    Did you even read my post? I said I used @refresh in my first post in this topic. As there's no proof, there's no reason for me to continue with this topic. You won't believe me because you didn't see what we saw anyway. And asking someone to see his video when he's from that guild itself is like asking a murderer if he murdered someone. But hey, no hard feelings. :)
  5. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    Here. A picture of a cute kitty. Maybe you could be right. Maybe we are this kitty that didn't notice something. All 24 members. xD Off topic: I want this cat.
  6. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    Why are you being so defensive? I said I have no proof. At this point, its just a proofless claim. And we were getting hit by DFF, not FAS. Again, no proof. Chill lol
  7. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    Kaite reflect would work if we would hit them? We didnt hit them. We weren't in range. And there was no other guild in sight. An unknown player talking shit lololololol Hahahahahahahah
  8. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    I'm not making shit up and I replied in good manner unlike your mouth full of trash. I saw what I saw and what my guild saw ( I also mentioned I have no proof. Was that kind of reply necessary?). And it wasn't my choice to use NSA. You're the one assuming things lol. I guess talking trash is all you're good at. Haha. @proverbs yes, the admins here are too scared to ban anyone. They care too much about their population. Lesser the population, lesser new players, fewer donations.
  9. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    Thanks for replying the way you did treant and poison. I was expecting rude troll replies xD. Anyways, I did some research there is actually a bug that can be abused on Hercules for range increase with potnd. I've used potnd before for my custom Spodermen dispel (not in this server) but didn't know about this feature O.o. I hope no ones using it. Its really discouraging. I honestly find it sad when a player cheats and Brags like they are in beast mode, "look at mi sweg". Gonna check cass's stream now. And if hopefully anyone that may have used it this woe, doesn't use it next woe. Like I said, currently I have no proof of this claim but we did notice it. We couldn't hit OPK but they could hit us. :(
  10. WOE SE (Vidblainn) April 16, 2017

    I know everyone is gonna say "qq more" "excuses" when I say this but I wanna say it anyway. How was OPK's stalkers hitting us even when being out of range? I even refreshed to see the positioning. Our stalkers and every char was out of range to use spells and yet they could use spells. Can someone explain this? I have no proof of this claim. But just a heads up, just in case this is a cheat, I'll be recording next woe. If this is indeed a cheat, I'm sorry if I end up getting you banned. :)
  11. [Discussion] WoE: Max Guild Capacity

    +1 to 24.
  12. WOE SE (Cyr) Mar 19, 2017

    I play in playtime, I'm not complaining over dff. Having BG gears would be nice. Even so, I don't agree with nerfing dff. Use fire resist potion.