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  1. shh monday-thursday 8pm-10pm

    +1 change the shh time for monday - thursday instead of 10:00 - 12:00 make it 20:00 - 22:00. The morning one is dead anyways, max players for shh during morning is like 25v25 or even lower. Unlike during night its like 40vs40. Yesterday it was even 50v50.
  2. WOE SE (Cyr) March 26, 2017

    Better woe than last week. <3
  3. IGN: Impersonation 1st Entry: Boy: Close your eyes. Girl: Why? Boy: Just close your eyes. (Girl close her eyes) Boy: That's how dark my world is when you're not with me.. 2nd Entry: "We're not playing hide and seek but why do I feel like I am always looking for you?" 3rd Entry: Boy: Hi, can I have a photo with you? Girl: Uh, yea sure. (They took a photo together) Boy: Thank you! Now i can show Santa Claus what i want for Christmas ( The girl in the photo is what she wants )
  4. s> valentines items

    I'll buy 2 pcs of heart pink eyebandage
  5. B>Purple Cowboy Hat / +9 Hat of Girl

    Offer +9 hat of girl?
  6. CHKNFOOT Logical Puzzle event #1

    Too much edits. rip van how u gonna check this i got the ign posted 1st tho ggwp
  7. CHKNFOOT Logical Puzzle event #1

    My answer is "Gey" explanation above IGN: Impersonation
  8. CHKNFOOT Logical Puzzle event #1

    It's gey. its there. my answer is there "Gey"
  9. CHKNFOOT Logical Puzzle event #1

    1st question was "Are you Ken in personality 2" Ken always lie on personality 2 and he answered yes. so he is not ken its gey. 2nd question was gey not in personality 1? he said yes so means he is not lying coz gey is lying when he is in personality 1.
  10. CHKNFOOT Logical Puzzle event #1

    Ken and Gey
  11. CHKNFOOT Logical Puzzle event #1

    Reserving spot for my answer.
  12. CHKNFOOT SE WoE Videos 29 January 2019

    Why do you love me so much...