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  1. MVP/Boss Related Events

    • Boss Training Grounds - Place wherein players can fight bosses and it's mobs w/o drops or MVP rewards. So that people can pratice their team play against bosses either party or solo. In this way players can still have fun killing bosses like the actual thing. By implementing this, you can have events such as • "Boss Time Attack" - Player or party kills the bosses through all rooms as fast as possible • "Boss Survival" - Player or party tries to survive boss mobs that gets more and more difficult • "Boss Ranking by Class" The ranking can be divided by class so that classes will only compete against their own kind PROs = People can have fun with bosses (provide more ingame time) without any impact on in-game market CONs = No MVP/Normal Drop ------------------------------ • Boss Invasion - Randomly every x times everyday, Bosses can spawn in major towns (similar to the normal monster invasion), during this mode though - the Healer and Buffer NPC will be disabled so that other players would rely on team work and assistance of support characters or maybe items. • The Guardians - Simply a board that displays the guild of players that contributed most to defending that town and perhaps (optional): - Give them access to a special custom dungeon - Grant them enhanced buffs on the town that they protected (These buff advantage should be disabled on KOE and BG) PROs = Players/Guilds/Friends can team up to defend their towns and gain riches. CONs = Can distrupt people that are hunting normal monsters (well, they can simply move to another safe town for the meantime) It will be fun to see people hiding inside houses knowing that there is an MVP waiting outside ------------------------------ • Boss Bounty Hunt - A board is placed inside a building that lists the MVP that has a bounty, players/party that registers (For a fee/Kafra Points/or something - for a duration) for the hunt and kills the boss will gain "Bounty Points" (1 point per Boss kill) that they can use to purchase stuff from a special boss shops • Boss Shops - (for example) sells item drops from that Boss - Kiel Shop: XXXX Pts = Kiel Card PROs = Those Boss Hunts without any drop will not be in vain CONs = Certain items are obtained easier ------------------------------ (Non Boss) • Fight Club - PK Arena that the audience can use to "Bet" for the their fighter. Two Players or Teams can duke it out with pot money involved. Say, Party 1 Placed 50,000,00 zenny and Party 2 placed the same amount. and will fight for the prize! The audience can have to option to bet themselves like as follow: - Each audience can watch by placing bets - Their bet will be added to the total zenny won by the winning audience - Player 1 bet 1,000,000 zenny to Fighter A - and Player 2 bet 2,000,000 zenny to Fighter B - then Player 3 bet 500,000 zenny for Fighter B - Total of 1,000,000 zenny for Fighter A and 2,500,00 for fighter B - The winner/s will gain the amount based on the % of their bet from the total - Player 1 = 100% since he's the only one that bet on Fighter A, he can win 3,500,000 - Player 2 = 80%, meaning if his fighter win, he'll get 80% of the total pot = 2,800,000 - Player 3 = 20%, meaning if his fighter win, he'll get 20% of the total pot = 700,000 Rules: #1 If the fighter disconnects (Accidental or not, he's given 2 minutes to come back) from the fight after paying the fees, his money will be forfeited to the other player. #2 There will be a debuff interval and characters can only use their own class buffs (No Soul Links, etc..) #3 All consumables are disabled & they cannot access @storeit in the arena - In cases of classes that use consumables as catalyst such as Priest(Aspersio/Holy Water) and Alchemists(Potion Pitch) It is allowed but the actual "use" of the item is not allowed. #4 Both players "can" have the option of viewing each other equipment and they cannot swap equip during the match
  2. Entry: #2 IGN: Elyx Ariadne Screenshot Caption (How you will celebrate it with your friends in-game): "Walk in the Beach" I grew beside the sea and I want my family to experience the same feel.. The sound of tides flowing in and out... The birds the enjoy the freedom above.... And the breeze that gives comfort to our skin.. With my loving wife by my side and my son on my back, I can never ask for a better summer!
  3. Entry: #1 IGN: Ijouriko Screenshot Caption (How you will celebrate it with your friends in-game): "Class Antics" Just even before class ends, our friends are up to the usual activities! Side Comment: This is done after 96 re-takes!!
  4. Your Exact ign: Lymerion Your partner's ingame name: Ytsehria Loading Screen caption: "A knight's promise to his lady" Loading Screen Entry: