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  1. Stun Resist magic stalker?

    some ppl go Jasper's crest or RWC with Stalactic Golem, while having robo eyes and wcp. so 20% resist from upper HG slow + 50% from VA and 30% Flame skull = 100%
  2. Stun Resist magic stalker?

    Flame skull.
  3. WOE SE (Cyr) Mar 19, 2017

    Dont remove me. Im stilll here.
  4. [Discussion] WoE Time Change

    -1 hr for SE WoE. due to time changes in my region some ppl cant make the new time due to daylights savings time went forward an hour for us

    R> profs,pally and more waifus
  6. you prob have to wait for Luke to get back to do any castle changes.
  7. WOE max Cap

    I'll let you in on a secret. All guilds have trouble finding 36 ppl and its perfectly fine this way.
  8. Pm me if you're actually interested xd
  9. Those 3pp are for plebs obv. I can write better ahk script than what they provide.
  10. Cant we just all be friends :(
  11. Keep in touch my friend :)
  12. HD

    o/ enjoy your stay