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  1. Any list with Fujin in it is a joke.
  2. BG: Champion Snap Balance

    Champs are already non-meta for WoE. Let them keep their mobility.... Champs are only seen frequently in pvp and bg because they're all solo players who don't have a party to group with. Don't touch champ game play, snap dodge is already fixed on this server why fuck with champs more?
  3. The FINAL Champion Build (WoE Edition)

    LOL the kid only has asura shit hotkeyed. typical pinoy gameplay
  4. The FINAL Champion Build (WoE Edition)

    Lol wtf is that champ game play?
  5. RGM> 619 GUILD

    Too many pinoys. Rather kms than join this shitfest
  6. RGM> 619 GUILD

    Why do I see 5 different posts from you about different guilds lol