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  1. Thank you everyone! Its hard to show consistant art style when some of these drawings are almost 7 years apart.. Haha I don't draw a lot of an anime style anymore (Since working in animation) and have leaned more twords a Disney style. Leave your creepy posts off my art page. No im not.
  2. It's [Playtime]!

    Wondering if you are recruiting? How active is the guild? how many people online around what time? And what town would you usually find members in? Thanks ☺
  3. Hi JayLinh I looked at the application form for the guild. Thank you for the offer but I will decline. Thank you :)
  4. Hello! I am looking for an active all-around guild to socialize, hunt, level, mvp, woe etc I am making a support HP and Gypsy. I am online daily at various times a day. (PST) Mainly just looking to get the most out of my Atlas ro experience. Iv'e been playing iRo on and off for the last 9ish years. Cheers :3
  5. New to Atlas. ♥♥

    Hey Hey! I just joined Atlas yesterday. I've been playing iro/ro for the last 9 years and every once in a while I feel like playing again. Looking for a fun and active guild for late evening gaming. I made a priest and Dancer but who knows what class i'll end up playing. Anyways.. Say hi :)
  6. Hi Guys! Name's Opeia & I decided to try out Atlas. A little bit about me! Ive been on and off RO/iRO since 2007. I just took a few years off to focus on my career so I have nothing recent of RO related artwork but Id like to change that. Outside of RO I am an Animation Designer residing in Canada. Here's some of my somewhat recent work.. As I said, not really RO related but I hope to update that. So if anyone is really interested in character artwork. (I wont be doing simple 'headshots' but more full or 3/4 body shots. Contact me and we can work out something! Also if you see my priest (And whatever other character I end up making) SAY HI! Please note: Website is blurred from some images as the website is no longer valid and im too lazy to dig up originals. Deviantart http://opeiaa.deviantart.com/ (Lots of old RO artworks :3) Some VERY old work but more what id be doing for commissions!