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  1. Good Day ATLAS! 

    Check out this EVENT in-game later at 8pm ( server time )

  2. Kafra Corporation

    Fetty warp
  3. ice cream.. *drools*

  4. Patulong naman

    hi @taoyski is your AndRO updated? or you can download the latest AndRO Apk here.
  5. hi

    Hello! Welcome to Atlas Ragnarok Online! See you in game!
  6. IGN QueenOfLucis

    Hello @QueenOfLucis! welcome to Atlas Ragnarok Online . You can try killing Les in moscovia dungeon 1 for stem, sharp leaf, blue herb and aloe vera (which you can sell to players). Any questions or inquries regarding the server, feel free to use @request in game. See you in game!
  7. Hello folks

    Hello! Welcome to Atlas Ragnarok Online. Feel free to use @request in game if you have questions and inquries about the game. See you in game!