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  1. What are y'all listening to?

  2. Battle Ground Modes

  3. WOE SE (Vidblainn) May 14, 2017

    ...Houston, we have a problem? lol
  4. Additional Zeny Sink

  5. [Forum Event] Egg Seeker

    In-Game Name : Krackel Link of the Easter Egg : Image of the Egg :
  6. Just my opinion regarding this is that they don't really drop as-valuable items as the others (WSM, Proxy). Tho beelzebub's variant shoes are a bitch but you don't really need to do quests for bee and all (on this server). As for the others, their cards are great and are at a low drop rates and all. So yea, not really against tanee and kiel being added to abra.
  7. [Forum Event] Egg Seeker

    In-Game Name : Krackel Link of the Easter Egg : Image of the Egg : =========================
  8. -1 Nydhogg is easy enough as it is. You CAN make several accounts and do the quests and get so many proxies already. Do you want them to be 10m each? People actually did the quest so adding them to class change would make them mad. Why go through the questing when they can be abra-ed like that. WSM & Bio labs - They probably weren't included for a reason, them being, for the lack of a better term, the "premium" MVPs. Seriously bio labs? Spawn rates's so fast already. The items they drop are really valuable (like ck, and diab. set, berserk, etc.) and are expensive (?) for a reason. Kiel & Tanee - These i'm not really against. Except for the possibility of more of their cards dropping? A bit on the fence on this one. Just my thoughts/opinion. lol
  9. Easter Hunt/Events Notification

    Hi, please give as an option or a way to turn off the notifications from Easter Hunt. It's a bit annoying how it floods our chat boxes. Not asking to remove it globally, just give us the option. Could be via @settings? Thanks! Pros: No chat box flood. Cons: None if we can turn it off per char.
  10. suggestion

  11. S> +7 Proxy / Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1]

    Yes, but check the dates.
  12. Questions :)

    Hi, Talk to Yajima > Character Builds > Reset my Feeling and Hatred Cost is 100k for Feeling Reset and 100k for Hatred reset.
  13. Luke, WoE and BG Stuff

    I understand what you're saying. Like I said, it sorta does work, and it has its perks. I'm okay with it too, and I'm just trying to suggest something that'd potentially make things better. I'm not saying that we should get rid of the new BG system. I think that it should stay. My suggestion hopes to add something that would kick-start BG. I'm hoping that the combination of the two, the old and the new system, would get BG going. BG has been dead, can't deny that. The old system has proven that it works, it will work, and it has worked on several servers. The new system would be a great complement to the old system that has been working for a long time. +1 to your suggestion regarding the variable aspects for BG. I am well aware that the player count has dropped. It will continue to drop as it normally does on all servers. However, the current situation's just adding fuel to the fire. The number of players who wants to play BG is also going down because HH and/or SHH isn't guaranteed. A lot of people think it's a waste of time to join BG, use up their supplies for 15-25 badges. A lot of people won't join bg if they think it's not gonna reach the required number to trigger the badge bonuses. Just like what @Puffs said, fixed HH & SHH attracts the most players to join BG. As for your suggestion regarding joining from fields/dungeons, okay +1 to that, because why not? However, it doesn't seem like it's gonna make or break BG as you can just @go to town and then join. It just takes an extra alt combination if you're hunting. Oh okay. Well, I hope someone else can take over or support WoE for the time being.
  14. Luke, WoE and BG Stuff

    So I've been wondering about a few things, I'm sure other people are concerned about the following: 1. Where is @Luke? He's been absent for quite some time, and I feel like the WoE scene doesn't get the support that it used to have like before. Yes, we do have Juvia, but Juvia's not as involved in the WoE scene as Luke was. Providing WoE rental gear's nice and all, but it would be great if it felt like WoE still mattered. (If you're one of those people who's gonna think wtf is this noob saying? Win woe leave server, ez pz game, dont give a fuck about this server blablabla dead server, etc. well ok, gtfo if you don't give a shit.) 2. WoE Participation Boxes - With Luke missing from the WoE scene, guilds don't get participation boxes anymore. Yes it doesn't really give much, but some people still look for that participation box at the end of WoE. Though, it is a small thing for some, as probably most of the players hear are nearing end-game items/equips. 3. Regarding BG scheme/schedule - Okay so we gave the new BG system some time, maybe not a lot of time, but enough for us to think that there needs to be another adjustment before people leave. The new battlegrounds system sorta works, and sorta sucks. While this system can practically give players unlimited SHH, it's not getting people to play. Back then, when people see the announcement saying HH or SHH has begun, it has a different effect on people and it gets them to join. So here's my suggestion - A combination of the old and the new. Bring back the old HH and SHH schedules, or at least set them to HH for all, and then when it hits that number of players, SHH triggers. The new system can stay, but I believe that having the fixed HH and SHH schedule will get people to play. There was a good set schedule when people are gonna get on, and join bg. I see people going on and saying "no bg?" "no SHH?" "no bg dead server" "bring back the old BG pls". For the first 2 days since you re-adjusted the community-triggered BG, BG started at 9pm server time, for the reason that people actually called on others to join at 9pm. We can't expect that there will always be people shouting at main channel, to please cooperate etc. Friday BG was dead, and Saturday BG didn't even last. So maybe you can try combining the set schedule for HH and SHH, with the new system will get people to play. When I joined this server BG was thriving. That's the reason I stuck around. Now we're at a point where people actually have to keep shouting on main, asking people to join. The new system has is perks, but very significant drawbacks as well. Kinda sad how people say "learn to adapt or leave","if you don't like it quit", "go make your own server", "omg complain complain complain all the time", and such. I'm just rooting for this server, hoping to make things better for everyone. To the owner & people in charge, I/we, appreciate the efforts to improve the server and listening to player suggestions. So guys, thoughts? Feel free to shoot me down :)