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  1. Happiness is all the time we spent together. :popie3:

    1. eroll385


      does the server closed?cant log in

  2. [Information] Spring Event

    FAQs and other info : you can use @npc spring for instant teleport to the NPCs. Hnggg's Farm access Farm Key is tradable but will not grant you access. You still need to give the requirements if you wish to enter another character. Fabres and Watermelons only receives 1 damage. Update : Petals required reduced to x300 pcs
  3. [In-Game] Find The Lost Hrist

    Thank you brave warriors for helping me! 1st - Meet me 2nd - Totally not rovince 3rd- IhaveAname 4th - Kevin Curry 5th - Not GM Friend here
  4. Count from 1 to 10000000000000000000000

    Forever 21
  5. Maintenance done. Down time : Friday, June 9 12:00 PM (Server Time) Up time : Friday, June 9 12:30 PM (Server Time) Change Log will be posted later.
  6. Good day Atlasians! Maintenance will be moved tomorrow or few days from now. No specific time but very soon. So please finalise everything before that day. Compensation will be given as well. Reason : Update needs testing before releasing in the Live Server. Thank you for your support. Message From the Admin Team.
  7. Describe the person above you...

  8. [Videos] PVP Event Compilation

    [PVP Event] 1v1 SinX Showdown XXXS U T I LXXX was away during the finals. So he wins the 3rd place by default
  9. Good day Atlas Adventurers! Please be informed that we will be having a server maintenance on Wednesday, 7 June 2017 @ 08:00 Server Time (@time). Server downtime will be 1~2 hours, at most. Please make the necessary preparations.
  10. [Videos] PVP Event Compilation

    [PVP Event] 1v1 Sniper Showdown Winners
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    saying "I want water".
  12. [Videos] PVP Event Compilation

    [PVP Event] 1v1 Super Novice Showdown - I did not upload the match of not potty trained and QWERTYASDZXC due to all the runnings. It took 30minutes to end the fight in favor of not potty trained + Added Royal Rumble in the end
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    Happy mid-year!