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  1. [Information] Spring Event

    Spring Carnival Event Location: amatsu,261,200 Requirements: You can acquire Broom by exchanging 500 pieces of War Badges to Bomul. Cleaning Spot: Once you have brooms for cleaning, talk to Bomul and pay him 10,000z for him to give you the location of the spot to clean. Be careful as there are some live firecrackers left in the spot that might explode while you are cleaning! Possible items you can get while cleaning: Dead Branch Universal Taming Gift Random Quiver I Love You Firecracker Empty Bottle Worn Cloth Piece Broken Liquor Jar Dry Sand Crushed Can Cherry Blossom Petal Bubblegum Old Paper 300 Cherry Blossom Petals Starts quest of finding 300x Cherry Blossom Petals in exchange for a Mono no Aware [MVP Map Key] Upon Completion: Hanami unlocks 9 MVP Maps. Mono no Aware should be on player's inventory. Information: This new MVP is tameable by Universal Taming Gift Race: Demon Property: Fire Food: Illusion Flower MVP Drops Yggdrasil Berry 55% Elemental Crown 20% Plant Pot 5% Normal Drops Soft Silk 90% Old Blue Box 50% Enriched Oridecon 30% Atlas Token 2% Elemental Sword 1% Donation Ticket 3% Respawn: Every 12 hours
  2. [Information] Spring Event

    Harvesting Season Event: Halp Hnggg Harvest! Location: amatsu,265,199 Hnggg is a young farmer who owns a huge chunk of land he can't manage on his own. Every harvesting season, he ask adventurers to help him harvest his fruit crops and kill all pests that tries to ruin his land. The only problem is, Hnggg is very nit-picky when it comes to letting people inside his property's premises since it floats over a mystic ocean. Adventurers who are willing to take his challenge will be given access to his farm and obtain items in return for their help. Are you up for it? Unlock Map Quest: Talk to Hnggg to unlock his Farm. He will ask for the following items to know if you have the patience to harvest and take care of his land. Once you complete the quest, you will be given a Key that you will be needing to enter the Farm. Please note that if you lose the key, you're going to have to retake the quest again. Quest Items: 1000x War Badge 100x Fluff 100x Clover 100x Feather 100x Jellopy 5x Four Leaf Clover To Enter the Farm: Once you have the golden key, talk to Hnggg and you will be transported to his farm. In the Farm: All you have to do is harvest all the watermelons around. With every watermelon you pick, you get a chance to loot items which you can use to retrieve items from Hnggg's trusted caretaker. Exterminate as much fabre as you can and gather the items they drop which can be useful for you as well! Rewards:
  3. Custom Item Quests - Suggestion

    Hi as per Juvia, she said that they will lower the needed players in the bg so it will be easy to complete the needed requirements to start the BG
  4. Custom Item Quests - Suggestion

    Hi @obsolete thanks for this suggestion. Will raise this to admins to do a possible solution on this. Thank you!
  5. hihi

    Hi ! Welcome to Atlas~ Well.. I'm a Pessimist Mango
  6. [Information] Box list & Headgear Gallery

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  7. [Information] Box list & Headgear Gallery

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  8. [Information] Box list & Headgear Gallery

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  9. [Information] Box list & Headgear Gallery

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  10. StarterPacks?

    Hi @Granddad AtlasRO, actually there's already a discussion about this. Here's the link. Feel free to input suggestions there about starter packs. Closing thread as there's already existing discussion about this.
  11. Buffer on PVP Rooms

    I won't +1 or -1 because as I see, they just want to stay in PvP instead of warping in and out of the PvP room. I think it's possible and it won't hurt if there are conditions in using it. If someone is hitting you, you cannot use the buffer for 10sec. NO heal, only buff which is AB. On a second thought, yes this is all about laziness and for convenience which actually won't hurt.
  12. Buffer on PVP Rooms

    @Juvia @Winter
  13. King of Emperium (KoE) is a guild battle with similar mechanics of War of Emperium (WoE) which is to break/defend the Emperium located in the center of the map. [FAQ] How to join KoE? You can simply join KoE by using @joinkoe. You can also join by clicking the KoE flag at Prontera (@go 0) What can I get from joining KoE? If you manage to defend the Emperium until the end, the members inside the room will received KoE box and the leader can open a treasure chest. To know more, click here When can I play KoE? Here's the Schedule. King of Emperium Schedule Monday - Friday [9:00-Random / 18:00-Random] Satuday [8:00-Random / 16:00-Random] Sunday [9:00-Random / 18:00-Random]
  14. [Information] Battleground

    Battleground is another way to compete with a team aside from King of Emperium and War of Emperium. Join Battleground to earn warbage for supplies and equipments! For more information click here! [FAQ] How to join BG? You can simply join bg by using @joinbg. Make sure you are in town when using it. You can also join by visiting @go 31 What can I get from joining BG? You can earn warbage by joing BG which you can trade to items. Click the link above to know more. I saw AFK players inside BG, is this fine? We highly disapproved AFK-ing inside BG. So no, this is not allowed! How can I report AFK players in BG? You can use @reportafk command to report afk players. When can I play BG? Here's the Schedule. Battleground Happy Hour System Monday - Thursday [1:00-3:00 / 6:00-8:00 / 10:00-12:00 / 15:00-17:00 / 20:00-22:00] Friday [1:00-3:00 / 6:00-8:00 / 10:00-12:00 / 15:00-17:00] Saturday [1:00-3:00 / 5:00-7:00 / 9:00-11:00 / 17:00-19:00] Sunday [1:00-3:00 / 6:00-8:00 / 10:00-12:00 / 15:00-17:00] Battleground Super Happy Hour System SHH Fridays [20:00-22:00] SHH Saturdays [13:00-15:00] SHH Sundays [18:00-20:00]
  15. [Information] Box list & Headgear Gallery

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