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  1. He deserve to be commended! Lmao

    Another +100. [SO] Capricorn really take action from my support ticket very fast.
  2. aspersio

    You cant if you are wearing armor with evil druid.
  3. Poing Poing Poing!!!

    Hello everyone, this is poring here. Im from Indonesia. Cant wait for the game to start. See you all in game! And lets have fun! ATLAS RAFFLE SUBMISSION
  4. Thank you xD. Yuph, orang Indo here. hahaha. Lets together when the server is open!
  5. Welcome Felynz. Glad to meet someone from Indonesia as well. See ya in game soon!
  6. Poring

    Woah my nick is mentioned as your title. Anyway, welcome Kevin. Glad to meet someone from the same country as I am.