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[Philippines] Remittance (Western Union | LBC | Cebuana)



Exchange Rates:

$1 USD = 10 Kafra Points
48 PHP = 10 Kafra Points

1st Step:

Go to any Western Union, LBC or Cebuana branch and talk to the agent in charge. Then ask for a 'Send Money' form.

BONUS: Additional Points will be given for Cebuana Lhuiller sender.


2nd Step:

Fill up the Money Transfer form with these details:

Note: Bring a VALID ID and simply show to the agent your proof of identification if asked. If you're less than 18 yrs of age, ask someone above 18 and has a valid id to accompany you when transacting.

Name: Brenth A. Samson
Address: Imus, Cavite
Phone Number: +639369510375

3rd Step:

The agent will give you a receipt together with the tracking number. You can locate the tracking number at the upper right corner of the receipt.

4th Step:

Send an Email to: atlas.ro14@gmail.com

Please provide the following details on your Email:

For faster verification send a text message to 09369510375 together with these info:

Sender Name:
Sender Address:
In game name/Character Name:
Amount Sent:
Tracking Number:
Date Sent:

5th Step:

Once the first 4 steps have been done, please allow us to verify and confirm your transaction within 24 hours upon sending.
We will notify you (by email or by text depending on how you coordinated with the team), once the verification has been completed.
After receiving the confirmation message you will be able to immediately claim your Kafra Points at our Kafra Shop NPC.

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