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[#AtlasCares] Atlas Meets Asilo



Good day Atlas Adventurers!


As the server continues to grow with the support and help of the entire Atlas Community we were able to extend our helping hands yet again to people who are in dire need of help. It was a blessing in disguise that happened on January 10th. The Atlas Team [Staff based in the Philippines] was supposed to do an Outreach Program to street children like how it was done last December 2016. But due to weather conditions that we didn't expect, we decided to just go straight to a nearby orphanage where instead of meeting orphans, we met a certain group of people; different families where one or more member/s being debilitated with illness seeked shelter. A total of 32 people, where the youngest - a child 2 years of age was diagnosed with cancer, were able to share us their stories and how to strongly cope up with their everyday struggles.


In behalf of the Atlas Team, I would like to extend my gratitude to our Community as part of our server's earnings was able to put a smile on these wonderful people's faces even just for a while. But it won't end here, we have to decided to push an extensive form of help for them in the coming days, and we would like to ask the help of everyone. It doesn't have to be monetary aid, for those who want to donate in kind, to be a benefactor of a certain family or to just visit them and get to know them, information will be provided below. These wonderful people, they never asked for material things, every bit of help is greatly appreciated but more than anything, they only ask for prayers.





Asilo Family and Staff with Atlas Team: @Blank, @Extraordinary, @Chiriko and @Capricorn

@Juvia and @Winter on @hide/heh



+10 Foods and other Supplies and Mats for our Asilo Family. /gg



Atlas Staff packing Goodies for our Server-Wide Event. /rice




Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Facebook Account | Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Facebook Page | Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Wikipedia  


Address: 1148 United Nations Ave, Paco, Manila, 1500 Metro Manila

Phone: (02) 523-3829

Direct Contact Person: Ms. Nerissa Collano // (0919) 779-8615


NOTE: We are going to be updating and posting more information and stories about our Asilo Family. Thank you in advance for any kind of help you guys are willing to give them. From the Atlas Team to everyone.. Let the fire burn through~ HAPPY 2017 TO ALL! /lv

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