[Event Information] Everything is going according to plan as the Atlas Team was preparing for the Easter Egg Event. Unfortunately, @Hrist and @Poko's Poring Pets looted and scattered the eggs before it was even painted!  The two was obviously given the task to retrieve them. But because of the lack of time, they humbly ask the help of the Egg Hunters to help them retrieve these Eggs asap! The more you retrieve, the higher reward will be given!   [Event Duration]
April 15 ~ April 30 @ 11:59 pm (Server Time)   This is a special accumulated rounds of Hide and Seek event. The Event GM will broadcast an event entitled 'Egg Hunter Event (Hide and Seek Special)' The Event GM will disguise different Monster Eggs. (Thief Bug Egg, Peco Egg, Dragon Egg, Ant's Egg, Pupa) A Player must only use 1 In-Game Character for this event to avoid cheating and passing of points. Character/s that are inside 1 account is allowed but needs to be verified first by using a forum account and verifying it in this event thread. The 1st player to track down the Event GM will gain 1 Point. Players may join as many rounds as they can. Players will also be rewarded with Elemental Eggs per round that can be exchanged to our on-going Eggsploration Event.   Grand Winner April Limited Edition Headgear: Hanging Black Lunatic Ears   Sprite   Illustration   1x Jaune Event Box + 1x Easter Egg Box + 300 Kafra Points   Top 2 Finalists April Limited Edition Headgear: Drooping Domovoi   Sprite   Illustration   1x Easter Egg Box + 150 Kafra Points   Top 5 Runners-Up 1x Easter Egg Box   BONUS and Special Twist If a player gets to track and win the rounds with all 5 different eggs (Thief Bug Egg, Peco Peco Egg, Dragon Egg, Ant's Egg, Pupa) he will get a Limited Edition Rabbit Earmuffs. 1x Rabbit Earmuffs