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[Changelog] Game Updates: 05/18/2017



Good Day Atlas Adventurers!

The server is finally back up! The following are the things that has been updated and added to the game from our maintenance:



  • Updated Newbie Freebies
    • 7-Day VIP Ticket
    • 2x Field Manual 300%
    • 2x Bubble Gum
    • 10x Speed Potion
    • 250x Light White Potion
    • Beginner's Cap [Duration: 12-hours]


  • Added New Vote Shop Items
  • Change #ally channel font color
  • Added Plant Pot (Spring Donation Box)
  • Added Speed Potion on Porlyusica Tool Dealer
  • Updated Battleground @joinbg command to filter Jobs 
  • Removed WoE Guild Supply Bundle together with the +10 Food
  • Added WoE-Supply Bound War Badges to WoE Gear Rental Box
  • Increased the Rental Gears duration from 24-hours to 36-hours
  • Updated the WoE-Supply Bound War Badges to 1k for Creators only


  • Implemented War of Emperium Adjustments
    • War of Emperium: First Edition
      • Merged Castles and changed WoE:FE Time to 8:00-9:00PM
      • Change Castle: Neuschwanstein, Luina Realm, West of Al De Baran
    • War of Emperium: Second Edition
      • Change Castle: Horn, Valfreya Realm, South of Rachel 
    • The Ownership of the new Castles will be transferred to the Guilds who won last week


  • Fixed Beast Strafing Skill Bug
  • Removed A Fool's Fate Event
  • Removed Easter Event Notification
  • Removed Easter-related Custom Loots
  • Removed Atlas Eggsploration 2017 Event
  • Removed @npc command for Easter Event
  • Reverted Snap Dodge Bug Fix [Caused more Bugs]
  • Reverted PvP Arena (@pvp1 and @pvp2) to Izlude Map


What's new in Atlas Ragnarok Online?

Take a quick look!








This is our third Bimonthly Headgear Addition for our Orion's Belt HG Crates.

We've updated the list for the months of April and May.




Please note that the the implementation of the new Server-Wide Events will commence in 12-hours or so.

With that being said, we are automatically removing the previous events without prior notice once we patch the new ones.

Official announcements will be posted as soon as possible! Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you for patiently waiting! :popie11:

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