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[Information] AtlasRO Server


After a great deal of conceptualization and painstakingly long hours of deliberation...

We finally bring you Atlas Ragnarok Online!


The AtlasRO Team will zero in on providing the Community with a remarkable gameplay experience on neutral grounds under a mid-rate and pre-renewal setting.

Let us bask in the sun and take comfort in a dynamic server not hog-tied on a lopsided management and a myriad of glitches and exploits,

with a lively and reliable troop of twinkle-toed Game Masters, and oodles of adventures to immerse in..

We are now reaping what we sowed as AltasRO finally comes of age.


Ragnarok Online was mythic. Nostalgia is overwhelming,

but AtlasRO is the enduring fire that burnt through the World of Ragnarok

and we will provide you with the same feelings, only better! 


Check out our Server Information and we hope to see you all soon!




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